Some Things about Renoise 2.0 beta

Loving the new Beta, some very good improvements. It may not ‘feel’ as big of a change, compared to the update from 1.8 to 1.9.1, where the amount of additions/enhancements were ridiculous (you set a very high standard for yourself!), but I can sense the future so to speak, and it is looking very good :slight_smile:

Now for some things:

  1. Side-chaining is not something I especially crave for. I am a little disappointed though, we still can’t edit separate channels in stereo samples for this release. Would seem to me as a basic feature, that could be implemented.

  2. I expected the automation editor to be pimped. Maybe it is just my workflow but initializing a bunch of parameters through clicking enter bores quickly. I was hoping you could select multiple parameters (like you can when selecting multiple samples in the disk browser, holding shift or ctrl) , press enter once, and everything is initialized (an ‘initialize all’ feature would save my day).

Also, I dreamed of using different automation types in one pattern. A few points in the first half of the pattern, maybe a curve in the other half, this is still not possible Same for drawing automation over multiple patterns. :frowning:

  1. The tpl thing in the song settings is cool, can this be automated through patterncommands for crazy effects? Would be a nice thing to have for us experimentalists. :slight_smile:

  2. Absolutely love the bigger diskop, though I wish there was a ‘hotkey’/keycombo that automatically switches to this bigger view. I wouldn’t mind if clicking on the diskop tab would always open up the bigger view.

edit: err, you can set global view presets, forget about this one :slight_smile:

  1. The quantize live mode button is already classic! Thank you, will be using this lots :slight_smile:

  2. Finally we are able to send midi to effects! Very cool. Expect lots of vocoding tracks. (Is it possible to have some kind of graphic icon/notion or whatever in the 'Track DSP’s list next to every plugin that supports midi input?)

Thats it for now, maybe I’ll add stuff later. Am off tracking and trying to crash this beta, so far it has been very stable.



  1. (you mention two poitns in one, i’m not gonna discuss sidechaining) No you can’t edit separate channels, but you can now split stereo samples (right / left) to mono and later merge them again in the sample editor (try the properties option).

2)Automation has not been pimped much indeed, but besides the parameter filter, one bit more hidden update is there as well: The tpl settings also have a big influence on the smooth rate of your automated parameters. The higher the TPL, the higher the interpolation rate in the automation curves and that is very nice about LPB now being the leading time unit factor in Renoise instead of TPL.

all fine and well that with some creative hustling of moves can be simulated, but not really the most intuitive solution :slight_smile: Not a big deal either, just something that I expected… that’s all.

This release is for sure not “the bomb” for everyone, but as I tried to explain in the release notes: Some stuff simply had to be done (or started) which we’ve so far always pushed back to a later release. This is the first time we’ve cleaned up existing behavior and not simply put things/new features on top. Putting new features on top is for sure more impressive and easier, but getting rid of Speed and getting rid of the ticks was just about time. If we would always only add new stuff, we would end up in a huge uncontrollable monster.

Also I think it will take some time to understand stuff like the NoteDelays and LPB. This is interface wise just a new column, but offers a real new way of composing if used wisely. IMHO it breaks one huge limitation trackers usually have: a step composer alike fixed grid which always leads to the impression that you can only do straight & clean techno music with a tracker.

And finally: This is not the last Renoise release, so lets simply look ahead and see what we can improve next. There are enough things left in the TODOs. We simply can not do everything at once…

Absolutely! Newly introduced and implemented concepts of LPB and TPL provide an unbelievable timing resolution. Before 2.0 I would never think of making a song in Eastern complex time-keys or virtualizing ethnic instruments easily. Now not only it seems to be possible, but also much fun!

maybe I got the exact update no#s wrong *should have been from 1,5 to 1,8 probably). What I meant was, for me, as of yet, this release doesn’t have the same Oomph factor (bomb?) as the previous updates. Not saying that this is bad at all! Number of additions/features aside, mostly because things I looked forward to (in my fantasies) weren’t addressed. (I’m egocentric like that with my high expectations :wink: )

Hope I’m not coming across as ungrateful or something, thought I wrote my post in great respect for the devs and this program. Hope a brother may speak out some minor disappointments?

Of course I’m aware this is a point release, as you guys call it, plus paving the way for the future and what not. In my quest to find the right amount of humility in this topic, I’ll end this post with a thank you, plus gentle kiss in the neck and be off tracking till the sun comes up.

ticks per line: F2xx
lines per beat: F1xx

Coming back on sidechaining…
I believe there was a trick with using the LFO device…
In 2.0 you can now also trigger the reset button using another LFO device… which means you can for percussion apply semi automatic sidechaining situation.
Still not perfect, but better than nothing.