Some things about the modulation / macros section in the instrument ed

Small quirks;

Something I find irritating in the macros is when playing sounds with the computer keyboard with one hand, other hand trying to mouse drag changes, you can easily click on the macros description and have a parameter go from cutoff to zzzzzz :-).

Besides practicing a more steady aim myself, maybe names can somehow be locked? Characters can be entered inside the macro mapping window instead?

Are there plans to implement control-voltage like oscillator & sample-and hold devices in the modulation options, a sample and hold which you can put behind a random value generating lfo, so it will pick values at a set pace and output a steady control stream? I’d like to have more control over the parameters inside the modulation section, not having to set-up macros first than having to use lfo devices as track effect to modulate the macro parameter.

It has been brought up before during beta, but a way to address a destination for modulation inside the instrument editor would open up so much sound-shaping potential!

Looking forward to new options!