Some Tracks I Made In Renoise

Hello everyone, here are some tracks I made:

They were all done in Renoise, except for ‘C’ which was done in Reaktor.

Not really to my taste. To me it just sounds out of key and out of time. It’s hard to give criticism without an idea of what you were aiming for in the first place.

Thanks for the feedback.
There isn’t really something that I am “aiming for”. I just try different things. and when I do something I like, I do more of that.

To me it sounds like you’ve just started making music using computers and are aiming for something quite glitchy/IDM based. I’d say just stick to some simple rhythms and melodies, create structure and definition in what you want to get across, then you can start to glitch it out and ‘trip up’ the listener by throwing things out.

I’m not actually, I said there is nothing in particular that I’m aiming for.