Some Trance Mastering Tips

hey guys.

ill give you some tips for those who are into professional trance and stuff.
i recently discovered a nice way to convert simple standard sine wave bassdrums into deep kicking hardhouse bassdrums…

what you need for that is a guitar amplifier (i know it sounds weird but it works great on bassdrums). the one i currently use is WARP VST from steinberg.

another great tip… if you wanna create phat trance sounds (professional) you need VSTi’s like Native Instruments FM7,Pro53,Absynth,Reaktor. and there is a new one with a built in appregiator/trancegate called ReFX Vanguard (THAT ONE IS A MUST HAVE).

to enable that phat sound there are mostly built in knobs or buttons like Spread,Unison,Voices… (these ones make your sound make really Flanger/Chorus like , even better then that)

Try to use EQ5 and EQ10 in every channel to make the sound fit to the whole spectrum when all tracks are being played at the same time.

also use StereoExpander which is a great effect in Renoise. same as spread idea.

I also have copied Fruity Loops VST’s to my renoise dir… effects like Bloody Overdrive and Bass Boost (also nice for bassdrums).

Try to use natural like reverb and delay… which make the sound more full…
I use Silverspike Reverb and TC Native Reverb… because you can tweak alot in there compared to the standard Renoise Reverb which is also nice of course :lol:

ok last tip which is a important one… i always use the Akai Quadcomp VST Multiband Compressor… this makes sure every track sound equal volume and stays in balance… Mostly i use Mastering Preset or Instrumental.

Compressors limits the sound volume when it sounds to hard (almost distorted) and it boosts the quiet parts so it always sound to the fullest.

of course its up to you guys on how to get these VST/VSTi’s … dont ask me :P i only gave tips here…

well i hope this info was useful… cya guys… my new song will be posted soon on renoise song website… so you can listen to the professional studio like quality of the music (i’m not overreacting on the sound quality because its really neat sound)

Greetings : Trackah123 :yeah: happy tracking 4-ever !!!

is that bad? :rolleyes:

great tips. i have another one: when wanting to come across as more grown-up, avoide the term “professional” whenever possible.

I appreciated the tips of Evert Jonker/Trackah123 , and i dont think he has been so much arrongant. i dont think it s the case to attack someone only coz he has posted some tips and is proud of his own sound.
i m looking foward listening to his crystal-clear soundz in his track.
then i ll decide if his “fullness” has some justification.


with professional i dont really mean of what i create myself… but the sound quality itself that renoise dsp and the vsti synthesizers creates.

maybe it is for most people … but there are also enough people who can learn from these kind of tips tbh… it could be basic for you but it took me a few years to find these things out by myself since i had no other people around me that was also producing music… so i learned from reading a lot on the net etc… :rolleyes:

well, these are the standard tricks and tips, and alot of people here do not like trance (me too), but there is no reason to jump on his head just because he writes them down … I guess there are people who will find that helpful, and as soon as there is someone who says “hey, I learned something from this” he made his point … the only thing that I dont like is that he that he suggests software piracy, a list of free plugs with the same use would have been nicer. and I know there are quite some out there (because I downloaded, installed and deleted them right away, because they sounded to “trancey” :D like galactix), but just writing “get fm7” is abit off the track for my taste.

:D topic closed

You guys are kinda strange u know… But yeah, Ummm… Leave the poor guy alone…
He was trying to be helpfull at least :P
(Only cause you like Trance Evert Jonker/Trackah123)


I really don’t get it why everyone is giving trackah123 such a hard time.
Compared to most of the replies I didn’t find his post cocky at all.

:huh: i’ll just try to post my song as soon as possible… dont know anything to reply on this topic atm so… cya :rolleyes:

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I like mainstream music and I like trance. I think clichés can be really fun, especially when mixing it with more odd ideas and new thinking. I also enjoy wierd non-mainstream music if its good… in other words basically any music that suits my taste. It just seems some people in general, and especially those who make music, think all mainstream music is simple, bad and something you know better than to listen to. Weird huh! :huh:

well my song is finished… its called “inspiration” and you can download it now from the renoise song website… hope you’ll like it… enjoy :yeah:

maybe a friend of mine at id&t records is going to publish this song… but i’ll have to wait first … kinda excited… :rolleyes:

post your feedback … anything is welcome…