Some Tunes

Just posted one of these tunes in Gilli’s Peach-board as I used his bonus-ogg as sample, but here’s the “official” post. :P

Here’s a small ambient collection, will make more ambient/noise-related stuff like this later on. Any notes?

Dream Of Torjus

life and death of a soon-to-be-squashed firefly

second to subtense

Reposting the others 'cause many had problems with my ftp. :)

Veery interesting what you made out of that sample.
Could never recognize the original in it. Strange, how do you get those ideas for this kind of chillout?

I’m inspired by artists like Biosphere and Deathprod, have always wanted to make this kind of music, but as simple and minimal as the soundscape may be, it’s all about finding JUST the right mood and making it work through 5 minutes of hardly any variation at all… Here’s the rns for reference if you want to see what FX I added.

Oh, and to answer your question:

“by accident”


Isn’t that how it’s always done??

:yeah: :yeah:

I would definitely create more layers of sound… adding interesting noises, evolving sounds and so on…
but the “musical world” works fine as it already is :)


I’ll go for more noise-layers with the next tune, but this one, well… I like it minimal! :P

If you want to have a go, the rns is there…