Some Unfished Stuff.

Alrightie, I saw this song forum again and wondered, why not?


Well, it certainly is not finished at all, it needs far more stuff on it. And I know the ending is vague, it’s unfinished… :D

My renoise experience is less then a year, started around June '07 with the demo, I was like 14 then. :unsure:
I worked with FL studio before but the cough crack cough expired.
My brother told me to check out Renoise and I’m still loving it.
(No, I paid for Renoise, don’t worry. Best 60 euro ever spent in my life.)

Anyhow, the part of the song I uploaded also has it imperfect parts :angry: and needs a better intro, but I’ll still be using the backwards part. :D
Well, tell me what you think.
Be polite. :P

edit: link updated

bump :P

pretty cool little start. i think the melody is a little repetitive for me, but it still sounds good.

Well, it’s still WIP. =D

Word, just giving you some feedback. Keep it up!