Some VST plugin fails to load with "Instantiate FAILED (caught structured exception)". What does this mean?

Has anyone had any luck fixing this issue (title) ? It keeps my vst from showing up in the plugin browser inside renoise.
The plugin works fine inside other daws.

I tried reinstalling the vst / renoise itself that didnt work.
i tried deleting vst cache and reinstalling renoise that didnt seem to work either.

“Instantiate FAILED (caught structured exception)” simply means it that it crashed.

Such crashes usually are caused by errors in the plugin, but of course Renoise influences the plugin’s behavior, and thus may indirectly cause the crash as well. Either way, it’s impossible for us to fix or analyze such problems without the help of the plugin developers and other info, so you should ask the developers of the plugin for help.

does renoise blacklist plugins anywhere by any chance if the plugin crashes to much to prevent renoise from crashing? It’s strange because it worked in the past.

Yep, it blacklists, if the plugin crashes while validation. You can edit the blacklist by using a sqlite editor. You can find the blacklist database by selecting the help menu in Renoise and then choosing “show preferences folder”. The blacklist file is named “CacheFailedPLUGINTYPExxx.db”. I usually use the freeware “DB browser for sqlite” to open it.

Or just delete the blacklist file. But don’t forget to do this while Renoise is not opened.

Oke thanks for the suggestion i will try it. The weird part aswell is that the 32bit version of the plugin seems to work and show up.

Okay what seemd to work for me was uninstalling renoise and deleting the cache files. And uninstalling the plugin that is causing the trouble aswell. After that i restarted my pc. After that i installed renoise in a different folder and installed the plugin again in the folder it was previously. I rescanned my plugin folder and everything seems to work again for now.

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