Some vst3 don't show up

Edit I did a rescan and now it’s ok …
But some other vst3 plugs still don’t show up , like Odin

@taktik Same here, as well as Audio Units. Since I don’t use them, I don’t mind so much. That being said, I wanted to try some, and none of the ones I wanted to use were showing up.

I am on windows btw
I found out that it’s certain Microsoft visual redistributable that is missing ( which is weird becasue I a month ago I had a huge update ) and some plugins rely on these .

Yup, this is actually stated on the Odin website. I had the same problem, install that and don’t forget to check ‘scan previously failed plugins’ in Renoise when rescanning.

This whole MS.redistribut.package is not really clear to me
I have several installed , and I assumed that if you have the latest installed it is automatically compatible with all plugins that used previous versions
Seems that 's not the case