Some Workflow Suggestions

  • Sample scanning like in Battery, Redrum etc. It would be great if it could be available within “Sample properties”.

  • Allow a key range to be set by hitting one’s controller directly (or qwerty keys) as opposed to using the mouse to click on the virtual keyboard.Or another convenient method is the ability to select a sample from the sample directory and drag it directly to a virtual key (s).

  • In regards to the base note of a sample, I figure it would be better workflow if whichever key is selected for the sample, Renoise assumes that specific note to be the base/root note (this of course pertains to one not utilizing the ‘Generate drum kit’ feature and instead manually sets up the key ranges).

  • It would be convenient if the samples within the sample slot had the option where one can view the MIDI note they are set to as opposed to just numbers (00, 01, 02 etc.). This is especially useful when one has created a drum instrument setup and manually set the samples to notes as opposed to using “generate drum kit”.

  • The ability to preview the samples within the sample slot area is a good idea. So clicking on them allows one to hear the sample.

EDIT: ok, i see that there is somewhat of a scanning feature that is decent enough.

Good suggestions though, dealing with the instrument editor, I presume? I’ve always found it somewhat akward to setup instruments in (especially layering multisamples over the keyboard).

Dragging on the virtual keyboard is a good idea, that would have saved me 40 mouse clicks a minute ago.

I’m basically just setting up my drum kit to have at it. Along with the actual setup as i start sequencing I am noticing a few areas that could be polished up for faster workflow.

Exactly. :yeah: