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So i was in another forum and there is a 26yrs old girl & autistic also suffering from depression. She made a topic talking about how she is not very well and was afraid about posting her music.I suggested that she must deal with depression first and stop anything that makes her anxious including music making.Lets give some love on her SoundCloud.Here is one of her tracks leave her a comment and a like she really needs a boost.


Hi friend! I think you gave a good advice, cure the disease is the most important.

I can understand his stress because this sometimes make me nervous to post some musics on the internet (or even, playing in public)… And finaly a creation is alway something personal and it could hurt to have some feedback.

By the way, the track he made above is really nice. ^^

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Yep she has 2 tracks in soundcloud and both of them are good.I really hope she pulls through because autistic also suffering from depression is a very bad combination.

making music was a good therapy for me, but could also isolate you more and more i imagine

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This is the girls words from the other forum

Hello everyone,

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking, whether it’s worth continuing with music production.

Let me give a bit of detail first, I am 26yrs old & autistic

I started at a music tech training centre in 2012 continuing through to 2015.

Back then I was reasonably confident and really into making music and playing the guitar

But now I’m so anxious, suffer from depression, have lost all motivation for music & barely play the guitar anymore…I have been like this for the last few years

I am scared to put music (if I manage to complete any) online for fear of being told I am rubbish etc

When I am looking around in the music forums on the internet and I see people talking about mastering etc it does overwhelm me plus also makes me feel like I am no good, as I am not doing things manually, instead using Ozone advanced 9’s mastering assistant.

Ideally I would like to be part of a music project locally, within a studio (obviously when we are able to) but yet again…anxiety holds me back

This is great stuff!

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Isn’t this a girl on the photo?

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Crap you are right I didn’t notice the photo

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