Pop techno middle-eastern ish……com/someday.mp3

This is a great song! why am i the first to comment on this track… it’s been here for a whole month!

Who is the singer? he sounds very good.

Very cool electoclash song. Sorry to throw you in that genre, but hey, it sits at the top of it. I’m a ladytron and postal service fan, so this song is something I listen to. The production is pristine. The vocals are cool too because I don’t listen to anyone who sounds like this. I mean, it has a slight morrissey tone, but at the same time it’s different and I like it that way.

It’s all me! :w00t:

Thanks for the input. I’ll look into those ladytron and postal service groups you mentioned. Thanks for the electroclash reference as well. I had not heard of this genre and am very curious now. It’s interesting to me that, at least from the searches I’ve done so far, electroclash seems to be centralized, or at least started primarily in New York–out of any places I’ve been and listened for the music scene in the U.S., I’ve really enjoyed New York more than any other and have felt that if I was to push my solo material as a live act that I would probably do better in New York than anywhere else in the U.S.

I like the band I’m in (The Other), but it seems I’m kind-of stuck with doing certain styles. The band members are flexible, but it doesn’t seem they’d be able to groove with much other than rock, which is fine, but it sure hasn’t been satisfying my drive to try to get something else out there. Seattle seems to still be stuck in the same grunge-era period to some degree–either grunge influenced music or Korn/Limp Bizkit cloning, and on a rare occasion there’ll be r&b. Anytime I’ve seen anyone do anything different than those styles, around here anyway (Olympia/Tacoma/Seattle), they need 3 guitarists or 3 keyboard players to do things that should only take one person (and a mildly gifted person at that), and the vocals are so, well, how can I put this–untrained, soft, bashful, or just plain out-of-key. If I look at it one way, this current music scene may give me an edge if I was to start pushing my solo material. If I look at it the other way, I’ve noticed that bands that do anything different than rock usually have an audience of 8 people or less. Maybe I should find a way to move to New York…

Damn, I’m rambling again… must I hit the bowl before typing??

Again, thanks for the input. :)

Ah, slap me. Sorry, I had heard your song when you had entered it here. But then I had to go and couldn’t comment it.
I think I had told you that before, here I say it again: I really like your voice. And the oriental touch just makes the melody beautiful.
The only thing I’d wish would be more variation in the background harmonies. But I think that you intend to keep it that way, otherwise you had already done it, right?
Anyways, at the end I have to say that you really must be talended. Go on!

I don’t wish anything different in this tune, exellent! Truly! :D

More praise. :yeah:

This is spinning frequently on my discman!

Thank you so much! :) :) :)