Someone Get Out The Vizion Banhammer Please

K… WTF dude :huh:

Make that 14 topics.

Hi ! I am sorry but I am registered for Renoise v2.0, I love using trackers on PC (after ProTracker & FastTracker 2…). I am “oldschool” :slight_smile: I have a lot of ideas for Trackers and I hope Renoise Team will take a maximum of my ideas for improving the version official of Renoise 2 :slight_smile:



Spamming the forum with so many threads won’t get anyone to pay attention to your ideas. It’s just gonna piss a lot of people off.

Oops ! Oki, sorry !


Sorry, that’s so very nuskool mate

You say that, then you continue to post more new threads? And now you’ve moved every other post off the forum’s first page! Wow. Just… Wow.

Where are the moderators when you need them?

Well, sorry to say, but as said in one of your threads:Renoise 2.0 is about to release the first RC, there are no major changes being made anymore.
Perhaps for 2.1, but i’m going to move the bunch to the ordinary ideas and suggestions thread.
And some of them don’t get a lot of support.

peut-être la prochaine fois, vous pouvez écrire un message appelé “mes nombreuses idées pour Renoise”? qui serait agréable pour nous de regarder

C’est ce que j’ai fait en envoyant un fichier à l’équipe Renoise mais elle ne m’a pas répondu ces 15 derniers jours pour savoir si elle avait bien reçu mon mail + fichier…



Next time it would be a lot handier if you would have purposed all your ideas in one post if you planned to add so many.

Now for Bug reports, this is different ofcourse ;)

OK ! No problem ! Sorry…


I moved many suggestions to the general Ideas and Suggestions forum.
Also there seem to be a few that could have been posted in the help and support as well.
You are always welcome to ask questions and post suggestions, but taking a good look at the manual might help as well, or ask another fellow Frenchman Renoise user for help if the English gives a problem.

Why? Everyone can post as many topics as he wants, as soon as its relevant?

EDIT: Oh, now I see what you mean. Lets simply merge them into one topic.


When I posted all my ideas for Renoise v2.0, is the Renoise Team read my ideas ? What do they think ?

Thank you & Greetings,


PS : I have got a file which contains all my ideas/found bug…

It is encouraging that one person has so many ideas to submit.
In this community we have many other users that favor your ideas and definately back them up, and there are also a lot of ideas that have been on the wishlist of many Renoise users since quite some time.

What you could do to help is to use the forum search feature, select the “more options” function and use the “search posts from” at “Any date and older” option and type in the keywords to see if certain suggestions haven’t been made before.
It would save you from spending time on submitting an already submitted idea :)

The same goes for bugs, but Taktik tries to swat these as soon as they appear each new beta version-round.

So for the good order and if not already reported or suggested:
suggestions and ideas:if many, add them in one topic, if only a few, they can have their own topic.
For bugs:Give each specific bug its own topic so that Taktik can also mark if a bug has been fixed or has another cause etc.




Its not as if posts on a forum have a detrimental effect. Who cares. If he is a paid up user, he has a vested interest in the product, and as this product is very well supported by the provider, people are going to take the opportunity to have their say as much as they can.

I dont see any harm in it.

i never thought 4 years of french in highschool would pay off in a forum

welcome vizion.
why not just check out the suggestion forum:

and you will see there are already “some” members with tons of suggestions.
all in all. you are not alone. if you really like trackers, try to catch up with the old scene.

happy renoising!

If everyone started a new one-line topic for each little idea they had for Renoise, the forums would be a mess. But I guess you feel it’s the moderators’ jobs to clean up those messes? :rolleyes: