Someone on DITTO music?

How the title says, someone has experience with this distributor?
Thanx in advance!

I’m also curious about this, especially regarding their Beatport partnership… heard a lot of crap about Ditto earlier, but at the same time they have the most appealing package (for my needs, at least)… I’m kinda torn between Ditto and Distrokid right now. I need a one-stop distributor both for some of my band-related stuff (different projects) and my own personal stuff. Right now it’s a mess spread all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right, Ditto seems quite a good distributor with large coverage and good policies.


  • No commission. You keep 100% of the revenue.
  • Unlimited songs for one yearly price.
  • Reports and analytics reports are very clear and intelligible. Are they accurate? Who knows.


  • Lots of hidden fees
  • Customer service
  • Lots of complaints from customers
  • No admin publishing partner to help collect songwriter royalties
  • No mechanisms in place to help artists who start to catch (marketing support, playlist plugging, etc)

Read a full review of Ditto and many other services here, the writer recommend to stay away from Ditto unfortunately.

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Thank you very much, it was too good to be true :frowning:

Sounds like it… I am halfway into this video and it’s not good

I would probably go with Distrokid