*Something* broke, 40hz hum in Master, no sound

Win 10, Renoise 3.3.2, bunch of VSTs and samples, RME Babyface Pro.

I was making a sweet flute solo with Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra, when suddenly there was a POP and this demon of 40hz (or something like that) appeared. It’s there and basically renders the Master channel unable to play anything at all.

Mind you, it’s only this track, so other songs work just fine.

So, I started to remove anything that was added to see what could possibly be a culprit for this nuisance. I first deleted each and every VST from the song, then I removed each and every effect (both VSTs and Natives), then each and every pattern, then all the tracks. It still persists. Let me repeat: there’s exactly one empty track, one empty instrument and one empty pattern in that song, from which, mystically, appears 40hz signal that kills all audio.

Wut do? I can send the file to anyone willing to test it, if necessary.

EDIT: Well, a brilliant person in the internets helped me out and figured out that if you drop the volume slider from 0db to -INF and back, the demon is exorcised.


Maybe there are effects in the sampler tab in that one track or in the modulation tab?

Nope, nada effects there neither.

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borked_test_song.xrns (2.7 KB)

There’s the test song, it’s somehow lost the Post Volume on master channel. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i guess it was the autogain algo which bugged somehow and caused the value of the mastertrack to end up as a NaN

altering the volume value a bit fixed it, again.


Yep un checking auto gain did the trick

Can’t hear/find a demon inside :frowning:

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