Something similar to Chain select in Renoise?


I was watching this ( well made tutorial about using clips to set the Chain selector in effect racks, and use of macros to do the heavy lifting of tweaking in performances. It’s really rather elegant if you can spare/endure 10 mins to watch the first part (the guy’s enthusiasm at first grated, but i then found it quite refreshing to be honest! :slight_smile: )

Of course, I thought, is something like this achievable in Renoise? I am not yet comfortable performing live in Renoise, partly because I mainly use it to compose with currently. But is this as straightforward to achieve?


Set up a source track on which you apply some sends (available in routing devices ) that shoots the signal to differents return tracks with a single effect applied on each…

The send’s destination can be automated.

Also, you can put your sends in a doofer to have a master control device that select the destination of your send…

Further dev. of the idea: duplicate your doofer on other tracks and you have a pretty nice effect matrix.

Ahh there you go, sounds like it will achieve a similar effect then. I just need to get my head around more of the basics of playing live with Renoise… Thanks for the tip!

Youcan’tplace send devices inside a doofer*

Made this a while ago which I is similar to Chain Select but is tied to Instrument FX chains:

I would definitely like to see some improvements in this area at some point, being able to more accurately map things to the macros would be very helpful. The curve option is nice but being able to assign things (on/off) to specific macro positions would be great.