[3.0] Switchable effect chains

You can have selectable device chains in instruments with a bit of formula device trickery. Use the ‘Chain select’ macro dial to switch between different effect chains in the instrument…


Happy glitching

EDIT: Added an improved version of the instrument with a fade dial:

nice one!


nice afta8

could this be altered to fade between fx chains?

Good idea, yes it can.

Here is a new version of the instrument that has an additional ‘Fade’ macro dial. Turning this up this will add increasing amounts of fade in/out to the FX chain switching on/off, turned all the way down you will get instant switching as before.


Enjoy :)

oh! this is opens up lot of sound mangling capabilities :)

thanx for sharing !

Thanks man!

Formula device opens up a lot of possibilities for instruments in 3.0. Hope to see it become unhidden one of these days :)

What’s the formula device? I assume a DSP but it doesn’t show up in the list here…

Man I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around how your chain selector works. Thanks for sharing it.

I’m really surprised this isn’t a native feature in 3.0. I was also hoping for parallel fx routing without having to use send devices.

Formula device is a hidden meta device that lets you code your own meta device, you need some lua coding or math skills to get the most out of it… So yeah you might find it a bit difficult to work out how it works.

Conceptually it is simple really, you have 9 effect chains and each one has a formula device connected to a gainer, when the input is between a certain range it turns the gainer up otherwise it is turned down.

Yeah native parallel routing would be great as well as having the whole effects chain section as a track dsp.

sorry, wrong thread

I am really hoping for a formula device that works on sample rate .

So we can create our own transfer functions /waveshaping