Something Stupid This Way Comes

the monkeys want you sweet brains, george.

Some days ago an italian actor said:

-In condamn to the war, the POPE declared that the one who started this war in his own interests… will be personally facing GOD’s judgement.

-BUSH declared “GOD is with us!”

…one of em must have wrong informations…

Let’s make a bugreport out of it.
Maybe we’ll see a [fixed] in 4 years.

Bush got probably informed by UK intelligence, they are often more off the range than the Pope is.

I’ve only got one thing to say:

the source of this statistic is from UK, though :rolleyes:

There is a difference. Their previous informations were not based on reality… now they are just giving a numeric name to a division that we already see in action… :rolleyes: