Something to put up before going out of town

Hey guys.

Since I’m going to be out of town in a couple of days i, I’m just focused on getting as much music just out the door before leaving. So i thought I’d finish up this file that i stopped working on last month or so.

My mouse up and died on me, so I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with really taking advantage of the keyboard shortcuts in Renoise. Honestly, i think it’s made me a little more efficient and faster when it comes to actual workflow in the program.

Since I’m just trying to get tracks out the door, I’ve really been trying to take to heart fast decision making, and really trying not to obsess over really small details and instead, focus on simply getting a tune out as fast as possible.

Just like with the other post i put up about a month ago, I’m sticking to 4 tracks only, I’m really starting to dig the limitation. It honestly feels like producing with rule has made working on a track more intuitive and simple, but in a good way.

As always, any feedback you feel like you’d want to share, feel free to, composition, mixing, a specific section, anything like that.

Well, thanks for reading this little rambling, thanks for giving a listen and i hope you enjoy.


Having only 4 tracks really makes you focus on what really counts and this track is a great example that simplicity can achieve greatness!!!Loved the drums you have a way on making them come alive

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thanks man, i appreciate it!

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Great tune, love the windows sample :smiley: !
I agree with the limitations, best way to actually get started and do thing without getting lost in the choices…

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thanks for listening.

Usually the biggest problem for me when it comes to producing is simply getting started, or I’ll obsess heavily over a small part of the track before it’s even finished and end up getting discouraged from completing said song.

But I’ve been trying to simply focus on getting sound in the computer, and leave revising towards the end of the track development timeline.

yup, I also used to get lost in hours of eq tweaking… Maybe the best way is to force yourself to first actually compose the song and only at the end fiddle with mixing issues.
The other issue is the multitude of vst available… with renoise I am more productive than with other daws because i tend to use more samples and not do hours of sound design (that sometimes go nowhere).

I recently bought an MPC one, I like this workflow (mostly sample based, only 2-3 integrated synths, no advanced eq or mixing options) and I don’t have to be in front of the computer to make music… I think about sampling some of my vsts to use them on the MPC afterwards, to keep the sound creating and actual composing as separate tasks.

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great tune!

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ya, nice one!
really dig those drum samples… is it a specific break, or?

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@slujr I think all of the breakbeats used in the song is, Amen Break, Think, Soul Pride, and Both Eyes Open.

I rendered the tracks out individually, here they are if you’d like to take or sample anything: My Files

windows 95 1.xrns (1.4 MB)

And here’s the actual xrns file, if you want to take anything from that as well, i was using the RX950 plugin for the filtering and some other ones that are mainly just for emulation purposes.

Thanks for listening

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Sorry for replying so late, i fell asleep.

But yeah, all in all i think it’s kind of just doing whatever is the most efficient and makes you more productive at the end of the day. Cause some people really can handle being around a bunch of VSTs, hardware, synths, etc, and they make great music, and some people don’t. So i think really it just comes down to personal preference, more than anything.

I used to just use as many tracks as i wanted not that long ago, and i don’t think that’s actually a bad thing per se. I think when I’m a little more comfortable with making more complex decisions and i think need the extra 4 to fully express what i want to say in my production, I’ll switch to 8 tracks.

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