Sometimes I make poor decisions

As one of the few men (maybe more) out there that actually looks good with a freshly shaved head & not a dopey receding hairline, that’s been migrating towards the back of my neck for the past several years; I decided to get my head waxed and forego the convenience and expense of razors. For your viewing pleasure or as it may be, discomfort, a video on a lady friend’s iPhone was made. So, if you like watching a burly dude make faces and cuss while having his hair forcibly removed or you just want a quick look at my Sun Studios shirt; this video may be for you.


Head waxing?!

You’re a nutter :)

100 bucks for 45 minutes, that’s quite a charge yeah, were they including some kind of “happy ending” at the other place?

Ha! Oh hell no! My coworker was going to send me to another Salon where his lady friend was going to charge me $100 over the ordeal. When I told my lady friend she had said: “$100?! That’s bullshit, come to my salon and I’ll do it for free just to watch you scream.” So the lovely little Miss, with the tattooed chest got her wish. :blink:

I didn’t assumed the happy ending was for you :P

Alien amoeba… Nice name for a breakcore artist. :lol: