Sometimes noise from poor shielding(?), sometimes not

I really have problems to understand what the cause is for this: Lately one of my audio interfaces failed, so I had to switch to an interface only supporting non-symmetrical connections to the speakers (2 wires instead 3). Now at this place here, I again can hear now the cpu and harddrive accesses in the speakers as kind of digital “noise”. And the more cpu load, the louder it gets :grin:. Though on the other place I do music, using the same audio interface and computer, I do not get those noises. The only difference is the speakers and the place/electrical wires. I also tried to switch the power sockets, it seems to be a bit quieter then, but no real change.

So is it caused by poor shielding in the speakers? The current speakers are Presonus Eris E8. I think Presonus hardware usually is pretty nicely shielded, but I don’t know. I also checked the grounding of the power sockets with a multimeter, seems to be alright.

A DI-box (with a Ground Lift switch) can help.
What sometmes also helps, is putting the computer and the hifi on a different power socket / extension.

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@EatMe Ok thanks, and where do I have to put that DI box then? in between speaker connection? And why are these boxes so big?

directly after the output jack from your soundcard / computer.

they aren’t that big, but you have to fit the connectors in the box…

it is a problem with the grounding part of your cable. the ground lift switch on a DI box will eliminate the noise you get from some computers directly connected. the ground is connected in your computer to somewhat leak power to the connected part, especially both (so two) audio cables. In a DI box are some techniques combined to filter out these unwanted leaky noises with the Ground Lift switch. DI boxes can work without external power to provide less volume afterwards.

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