Sometimes Single Click Navigation Occurs

I can not seem to re-create this consistantly, but it does happen occasionaly.

Sometimes renoise will have complete single-click navigation.


  • you are on row 1 then click on row 17 with a single left-click.
  • The cursor goes straight to row 17

This normally requres two clicks to change rows, [realising that single-click option in renoise relates to tracks and not rows]

Has anyone had this issue and can re-create it?

TBH it is not the worst bug in the world and I would probably try to cause it if I could as I have requested this as a feature before :) . None the less it still seems to be a bug.

If you have single click navigation on and are in record mode I believe this is what happens. If record mode is off then you require the two click. Is this definitely what isn’t happening?

  • Slaps self on forehead -

yes thanks kazakore, that is correct. I just checked this in 2.1 and the behaviour is the same aswell, I just never consciously noted it.

From the manual:

Still begs the question for me however of why the difference? What is the advantage of the double click when not in record mode?

I only know as I tried the option out briefly while the manual was down and thought it was quite strange. Personally decided I didn’t like one-click navigation anyway.

Also suggested that the single click navigation should also apply to Matrix and to the Sequence Editor, which I believe it currently doesn’t.