Somewhere Is Everywhere

for a first song it’s alright, the idea and the melodies are nice the mixing could have been much better tho which would have made the song a bit more vibrant. right now it’s a little too overloaded with sound, too much reverb/delay imo, and the high frequencies on this one synth, or whatever it is, are almost painful.

i agree with Mandulin. the high frequencies in this song are abundant, you should work on your basses. i also feel like the phasing/panning on the piano is way too much. it is disorienting and slightly nauseating, you need to shift focus left-right-left-right all the time (this becomes especially apparent in the breakdown section). it is a good effect to have but try to either slow it down a bit or make it more subtle, so not 100% left 100% right but like 50% left 50% right.

aside from that i do like the melody and song structure. i think it could benefit from a bit more variation as well, so consider that.

I really like the concept of the track, the idea behind has a lot of power, it’s very promising.
Keep on working on it, when the mix will be finished, this track will be beautifull.

For now, there’s something with the mix that harms abit the potential of the track.
If you mixed the song with your headphones, you won’t notice things that become
obvious with speakers. So before releasing a track, test it on several systems.
Headphones, no headphones, speakers, car, in your tv/dvd, bd blayer, you’ll
quickly get if something needs to be worked more.

There’s a risk with high frequencies, we gradually lose the ability to hear them,
excepted the young people, or people that did not fucked up their own ears with bad headphones
or gigs close to big cabinets & amps (like me).

I remember one day here in France someone proposed a “workaround”
for the problem of ‘anti-social’ behaviour in young people staying late at night in some streets
by using an electronic device emitting a high frequency, it was called the “Moskito” device.
The high freqs were so irritating for the young people that they forgot streets and
went back to home.

So use an EQ in the master track and cut the high freqs, even if you don’t really hear them.

Then, this kind of track can’t have an assymetrical stereo balance. When you pan an instrument
in the left side, you must have another instrument that has exactly the same aspect in the right side.

The solution could be to use a stereo ping pong delay but it must not be too slow then,
because you take another risk, listeners will get the feeling that something
is for a very short time, regularly not properly balanced.

Maybe you should still use the delay strategy but choose to add a clone track panned to the right
with a delay between 0.25 and 0.30s, not more.

Thanks to all…

I remixed the track using some of your advice. How about? Better or worse?

I hope your answers



It’s better. I’m sure you feel it. The high freqs are not too irritating, something has been seriously filtered there, good thing, the vocals behind are then more present and vibrant ! And the stereo panning isn’t too fast and disorienting.