Song 100% Made With Renoise Released?


is there any one that made a song 100% made in Renoise that was commercially released in a pressed CD??

if not, here’s the first one:

Daybehavior “Mon Ami [Hajas Mix]” released on disc 2, track 6 of the double album by Daybehavior called “Have You Ever Touched a Dream”.

you can buy yours in this US store, or in the best US stores like amazon.
here the link to buy for only US$14 (shipping worldwide)…p?n=daybehavior

here the sample of this song…

and here another sample of the other song that will be released as a single in few days by the same label too.

more to come soon… :)


Well done! nice to see. Think there have been other releases aswell, you should be able to find threads on them here in the song forum.

Cool that I’m not alone! :)
could be interesting to Renoise have a list of released songs made with Renoise in the site, don’t you think?

but I don’t found any post about that here… :confused:

I wish to add few tracks to Renoise site, but don’t exist the category that I’m in, will be great if “Synthpop” was added. :)


God Damn, what a beautiful song!!!

I so gotta have this hehe, sounds sweeeeeet!!!



EDIT: 100 % in Renoise, meaning NO vsti’s, NO vst’s?


Congratulations!!! :)

Cool that you liked! :)

You can download many full songs made in Renoise at my site (all with vocals) if you want. :)

yes, I don’t used any VST, but if I used will still a 100% renoise song for me. why not? :)


This is a link to the thread I was thinking of (was in general discussion).

Agree that putting renoise made released material (maybe linked on home page) would be a good idea and good advertising for renoise. I`m sure the list will grow a lot over time! :drummer:

congratz on yer release , will comment on the snipbits later.

I take a look on that thread about the album released with 90% made with Renoise! it’s cool too aside got a short distribution. :)

will be cool if Renoise make that list to promote his software. :)

and Jonas, what is “snipbits”??? your reviews site? or what?



Cool, is this the swedish band daybehavior ?

I think “Snipbits” are the same as previews; Small “teasers” from the song sort of.


I don’t do CDs, but I’ve done a few pieces of vinyl with Renoise… I have a new one coming out at the end of the month, in fact. I did a remix for a friend that came out on CD a few months ago. Come to think of it, I’ll post some of these tracks right now.

I think it would be cool to have a Renoise discography kind of like the one for AudioMulch.

nice… :) synthrock style is really cool.

atomly: how do you create vinyl pieces? you can’t ‘burn’ them like CDs right? so I suppose you need a publisher or some sort… is that expensive?

Hey twilek! yes! is the swedish band dayBehavior!
check THEY ARE BACK! :)

and dufey, I undertand… but what I mean to say is where will be these comments? link? :)

sorry for the late reply!

I added MANY new stuff at my site, and almost was or will be released!

check at

Enjoy! :)

Hey Hajas. I really like both songs! Congrats.

Thanks Gilli! :)

there are many others FULL in my site (

please take a look, and if you have time, please sign my guestbook! :)



Well, you can still send a CD but you need to master it especially for vinyl, since the sonic tendencies of vinyl are very different from CDs.

For a lot of good info, check out Aardvark Mastering