Song Editor???

Hi, everybody!

I have with interest read the ‘some pattern ideas’-thread and also about
the sequencer ideas that flourish (read: making RNS more like Cubase, Buzz, Acid etc.etc.)

Back in the day I used to be in Mushroom Studios/NXS co-developing
ProTracker 2 ending with v.2.3a and just recently I ran it on WinUAE
mostly for nostalgic reasons but also to see the major difference to RNS. :)

Apart from various bug-fixes and implementations like a chord-maker,
updated Pre-set Ed. and the likes we also implemented the Position Ed.
I can’t remember if it was an original idea of ours (and I don’t claim it to be either!)
but in the years to come most trackers used that way of handling
the organization of the song and still do…
The difference btw our PosEd. and the others is that we allowed the user
to tag patterns with a text which could be e.g. intro, chorus or whatever…

I miss this abillity in RNS… and also the overview, the ‘viewabillity’ of the song if you like…
A way to tie up all patterns and to be able to cut, copy and paste blocks of patterns within the PosEd.

The lack of this usually becomes a problem for me when working with very
large unrepetetive songs…

well, I’ve made an illustrative picture since I’m not clear on everything… so,

Song Ed


Hello IoDean,

first of all I’ve appreciated the music you’ve put on the songs page:
I’m the mad one who rated your song “Operation WAR” 80% :)

about your suggestion… a good number of people feel the necessity about such kind of feature. Personally, I don’t need it, though composing unstructured music. hmm… well, probably I don’t need it because my music has not structure :blink:

I’ve used the pattern position editor for years without great problems… thanks to you if you’re the inventor :)

Please you all: don’t start another “you’re conservative and against trackers evolution” flame thread please, otherwise I will show you the very long list of my revolutionary ideas which were implemented in ReNoise <_< :P

ahh, so it was you!! I sure appreciate your madness… :yeah:

hmm… I really hope ‘a good number of people’ need it because the masses/majority usually has great impact on matters… :P
… but seriously,you may not need it as there probably are as many techniques to compose as there are composers …
but then again, I also compose ‘unstructured’ music (if that’s possible) most of the time… at least songs with very few identical patterns…
but there are always elements that repeats over time… e.g a chord structure or a rythm that can be copied/pasted and then modified…

as the PosEd works now, as you are well aware of, it is only possible to add empty patterns or copy an existing one in increments.
I find this very limiting… apply that on the pattern edit when working with notes/effect for example… (remember old soundtracker? no block edit…)

I have a pattern-sequence I need to repeat for whatever reason…

pos patt
… …
08 0B
09 13
0A 0F
0B 07
… …

to make it look like this:

pos patt
… …
08 0B
09 13
0A 0F
0B 07
0C 14 !
0D 15 where these are copies of the original ones much in the same
0E 16 way as the duplicate button works with single patterns but now a whole block…
0F 17 !
10 0B
11 13
12 0F
13 07
… …

I hope I’m not too messy in my trying to explain and also not trying to make a point already made…
What I want is the same power, versatillity and user-friendlieness over the whole song as we have over the individual pattern…
Just move it up another level… It’s not so bad, now is it? and I’m sure that even you, ‘most unstructured one’ could find some use for it? :rolleyes: :)

finally, don’t put too much weight on the popsong-type-of-structure in the example picture…
It was mainly made for the sake of argument…

heya, comments?

The arranger will solve that, and more, when it’s implemented some time™ in the future.

I agree I also really would love something better. The wip suggestion is almost optimal but also quite complicated to do and will therefore take a long time to make.
In my opinion it does not have to be that complicated in the begining.

What you have described would be very useful and should not be to hard to do and still be compatible with the arranger in the future…

Regards Splajn…

@ IoDean
That would be simply great! :)
I don’t know about the nextcoming feature (the advanced pattern-editor they always speak about)… but the Pat-Edit in that picture looks like almost PERFECT for what I need… :wub:

Obviously, I’m of the exact same opinion :D
well, at least the idea is off me chest but maybe my idea is more of an ‘old-school-trackers’ wet dream than anything
concerning the future vision of RNS, so if there’s any point, I don’t know.
And Martinals post about the arranger sounds reassuring enough. So, I guess we have to wait just a bit more…
But wouldn’t it be nice to have a small&neat but still powerful interface to control them patterns? :P :yeah: