Song Files With Triplet Examples?

Hi There, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a song file with triplet examples in it? I have read the above stickie on triplets but I seem to be doing something wrong. If i could see an example of someone carrying out this technique in a song file I’d find it alot easier to see where I’m getting it all wrong.
mucho appreciated!! :blink:

One trick is to use the note delay command to create the illusion of different timing, depending on the speed (ticks-per-row) setting of your song. You effectively stagger the notes so they appear to be triggering inbetween rows.

Triplets at Speed 6:

00 C-400 .. ----  
01 C-400 .. 0D02  
02 C-400 .. 0D04  
03 ----- .. ----  
04 C-400 .. ----  
05 C-400 .. 0D02  
06 C-400 .. 0D04  
07 ----- .. ----  

Triplets at Speed 3:

00 C-400 .. ----  
01 ----- .. ----  
02 C-400 .. 0D02  
03 ----- .. ----  
04 ----- .. ----  
05 C-400 .. 0D01  
06 ----- .. ----  
07 ----- .. ----  
08 C-400 .. ----  
09 ----- .. ----  
0A C-400 .. 0D02  
0B ----- .. ----  
0C ----- .. ----  
0D C-400 .. 0D01  
0E ----- .. ----  
0F ----- .. ----  

Woops… I just saw you mention that you already read that stickie thread… Sorry for repeating myself :)
Well, I really don’t know what else to say here. Would a song demo really be necessary? You can simply recreate this pattern yourself in Renoise quite easily. Give it a try!

Is there something in particular you’re having problems with?


Thanks folks for the help much appreciated!!
Heres the part I was leaving out of the original problem, I’m working at speeds around 400bpm & 200bpm @ speed three, so I’m using divisions of about 8 or 16 per row, thanks Foo will try out that song! dblue I will have another go at the your suggestions, but for some reason the notes delays just don’t sound right, I’ll go back and have another go. I have a fab ability to overlook the obvious in these situations… thanks again!!

Those are some ultra fast bmps which may make our advice about using Dx and Ex redundant. In that case you’re just dealing with lines. So do some basic math to draw our our divisions. 16 lines = one beat (for example), so a triplet could fit into that using 4 lots of 3. Or if you had 32 lines it would be 4 lots of 6.