Song Made From A Single Sample Of A Skylark

Every sound in this track is made from a single sample of a skylark singing. The snare is, in fact, the entire sample played back at a high pitch with an applied envelope and effects.

Really nice. I like this a lot.

Interesting concept. I like the middle section of the song, but it repeats the same chord progression too much for me to really get into it. Here’s to the birds. :)

Always fun setting up limitations, gets the creative juices flowing, you’ve made some good sounds out of the bird sample, thought the main melody was mixed too loud compared to the beat, liked the bird melody riffing later on.

Yeah, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I think the next round of songs are going to be done in a structure-first kind of manner though, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out of that.

Yeah, I had like two days to do it (super procrastinated), so the mixing is somewhat rough.

balancing a mix is more a subjective art with minimal conceptual tracks like this imho… If anything I thought the snare was too loud in comparison :\
regardless I would get bored to death listening to music if everyone in the world followed the same “rules”

cool experiment! These kinds of tracks are probably the most fun to make, no doubt. on to the next!

Interesting, yeah, limiting yourself is very useful, Im erasing a lot of my plugins.