Song Notepad Saved With Each Song?

is there a notepad for a song in renoise that you can bring up to type stuff up that needs to be tweaked / added /adjusted next time you open the song?

I find that each time i go to work on a song i worked on a few days ago i forgot what i was going to do next.

In anycase i guess im just too lazy to write it down in a note book ,but was wondering if renoise had something like that built in.



Check under the Song Properties tab. There’s a space for song comments in there. It’s a bit on the basic side - it’s lacking things like scrollbars for example - but it should be enough for a few simple notes.


Ah, I still remember the time when we all nagged taktik & co for this comment-box in Renoise… :rolleyes:

Ashamed to say I still hardly ever use it (as I don’t really release RNS)! Maybe if it was a click away close to the instrument-section…? Us ex-FT2’ers always use the instrument field for comments anyway, and I make my song-notes on my cellphone, as I get my most brilliant ideas when I’m not at home.

I tend to forget my most brilliant ideas. Go figure. :P

Anyway, this is getting OT, now you know, acydl. Enjoy the notepadding!

try trackpad

…and if you do, don’t forget to hit “enable keyboard” in the plugin window so you can actually type in the thing :)

thanks for the replies everyone!!! :)