Song Position Pointers not received by external device

Renoise won’t sync song position to my KORG electribe-mx but Ardour will

Renoise as a master wont start Ardour at same song position, with

Ardour as master Renoise will sync to Ardours song position.

Song position pointers is enabled in preferences yes

I’m on windows

Okej steps to reproduce is obvious but also require some external hardware or other DAW with jack or midiLoop

I start my Electribe-mx and set it to song mode

Star Renoise

  1. Go to preferences tab MIDI

  2. Select MIDI clock master output device

  3. Make sure Song Position Pointers is on

  4. Create some empty patterns

  5. Star playback in the middle of the empty song

I see that my KORG Electribe start from the beginning and is not synced in song position

I’m I the only one using external hardware sequencer to sync with this program? XD

It can’t be so tell me how you do it!!


I got the exact same problem.

I have set Renoise as master clock, and my tr-09 is following the patterns fine when I scroll in the pattern-matrix, but. So if I scroll ahed to pattern 12, and what to start from there, the TR-09 starts from pattern 1, when I hit play??!! Makes no sens to me :slight_smile:

Renoise can’t sync anything except rewire implementation. Jack transport dose not sync correctly if you change bpm. You have to use rewire then use another program to sync midi out