Song-posting Going Like Crazy

Is it me or does it look like 2.5 is really generating some new packs of songs here…
I have not seen such a load of song-posting since 1.5…
I just wonder what made you most productive with this release…

Although I have not posted a song yet I wonder if its partially down to people like me seeing the new pattern matrix and thing “right, thats it - no more of this faffing around with the demo - I’m going to have to register”.

My best stuff with renoise has without a doubt been since I registered, the financial investment has made me take it a lot more seriously and invest more time into it.

Personally, I look at the Pattern Matrix and say “wow, this is a huge update - I better do some beta testing so I can participate in making sure the update doesn’t screw me up somehow.” Music is, theoretically, a byproduct of any serious Renoise usage.

Playing truant & playing with 2.5 signal follower for the song finishing win!

I’ve finished 2 tracks this week and am reserving them for release on upitup. No more premature whoring hehe.

haha, tis good it is :lol:

for me, this have nothing to do with the 2.5 version.
it`s more like i have a high creative output atm ;)

after my long musical break (about 5 years) i found renoise, a half year ago,
and had to relearn so much stuff. and now i`m back in the game :drummer:

and suddenly i`m able to do thinks i allways wanted to do, but i was never able to manage this in cubase!

renoise is the most creative tool ive ever used, and beside that, its so fast and stable. it`s a little bit like brain 2 midi :)

thanks RENOISE !

I’m traditionally a Cubase user despite a tiny bit tracker use ‘back in the day’ but I am finding Renoise really works much better as a way to come up with electronic compositions.