Songs Demos For Dubai Exibition

Dear all Renoise users.
We are the Italian company that produce the Groove keyboards and really soon we like to embedded on our system OS the Renoise as default sequencer.
We have also in developement one new keyboard with the 18.5" touch display and the all hardware controls mapped for the Renoise.
End April, I have to fly to the Dubai PALME exibition:
There I have to show during the all exibition days, our Groove XR Rack and the Groove X-6 Extreme with the all Renoise demos.
Midle est people are more oriented on Orienatl sounds and songs, but also on Dance/house music songs ( techno is not so much appreciates)

I like to ask you there IF someone can help me for this show.
I need some more Renoise songs that can be used for the exibition, if is possible with Dance, House, funky… music
I really like the songs developed from Keyth303…this are more commercial dance songs… :)
If someone there can supply me some complete songs will be really appreciated.
best regards

Your posting might be “a little bit” late for some serious work!? What exactly means “End of April”? Also some reference tracks for what you imagine, even if commercial, would be useful. I doubt you want everyone to sound like Keith. :)

Edit: Oh, and there’s of course the question: You’re looking for FREE demos?

I dont need that you there develope nothing, just some demo Free songs.
I dont sell any songs, just play live stage with Renoise backend.
I just need some songs thatall they there can say: AMAZING! :)

@Bit_Arts: calling for people a couple of days before the deadline is simply the italian way :)

I think that the best solution is to look for already completed songs, as there is certainly not enough time to make complete songs, unless you are an unemployed and very inspired composer (or you produce music which can be made in a couple of hours, which could be the case of house music anyway :))

@Domenico: this looks interesting. Unfortunately, I’m not really into dance music and I am currently too busy with work in order to help you; nice to see an italian company interested in Renoise though

PS: you can contact Keith303 user directly here

I hope you find good demo songs, but I’m here just to say how excited I am at how you’ve integrated Renoise into your hardware. I thought my idea of a rackmounted Renoise was just a dream. Best of luck, hope the exhibition goes well!

Lol…thanks :)
Honestly I get the confirmation from my distributor to fly there with my groove keyboard and rack just yesterday.

Eduard allowed me to download the all available songs from Renoise website and now i’m all the day to testing and choose wich song can be used for live stage. ( I have also to play the keyboard over it, so I have to find songs that I can play too)
The song BB5 Cry of the chased is one of the amazing that I can also play over it with the musltipe ASIO host sounds.
In the night I’m also invited in one big Disco in Dubai where I can play a couple of this songs ( with the LOOP pattern enalbe I can continue for hours :) )

Anyway IF someone have some ready to send me, this will help me a lot!
Thanks for the support, all you there are a good team!

this is my idea CAD how to develope the new Groove W-X7 ( W=wide, because I will use the 18.4" multitouch display full HD)
The keyboard remain the 76 keys as my current Groove X-7 version:

That is sounding really exciting! Does it mean that you can control Renoise via the touchscreen on the keyboard?
Could you please make a video of the demos and share it?