Songs imported from Open MPT to Renoise, VSTs dont load

Hello, I have made a couple of songs in Open MPT before getting Renoise recently, and I’d like to import them. I am able to open the file and the notes load properly, The VST Plugin that I used, Chipsynth SFC loads and I can use it in a new file, but within the imported files it doesn’t load the plugins but still labels them in pale text, so the notes are there but there’s no sound. Does anyone here know a mod or a feature in Renoise that carries the vsts over or do i have to load them manually? Thanks.

Referring to Import Openmpt Module - Ideas & suggestions - Renoise Forums

I’d guess, that you have to do everything on your own. I still wonder that it loaded anyway.
As far as I know, Renoise goal was never to be a player for other tracker formats, although you can load the basic stuff.