Songs Larger Then 3mb Won't Load?

I recently reinstalled my computer and now I can not load some of my backed-up RNS tracks. It’s hard for me to determin what exactly is causing this problem. My best guess is that Renoise won’t load any RNS files bigger then 3mb. Can that be correct, and if so, what adjustments can I try in Renoise or Windows XP to make things work again?

Edit: It doesn’t seem to be the file size that’s causing my problems, it turns out that some songs that are only a few kb won’t load, whilst others do…

How did you back them up?

I coppied all the files to an external harddrive, and after the reinstall I copied them back to the C drive. You think some files are corrupted doing it this way?

It depends, do you have enough space on your C-drive for processing? Renoise does a lot of processing and preparations in the temp-folders on C, if you don’t have much space there, i guess this won’t be just a problem of the sings that won’t load but the contents within that require a lot more space for treatment by Renoise.

Thanks for thinking along, I appreciate it. I do think my system settings are all good, since I didn’t install my computer differently from the first time I installed it. Besides, some tracks are merely skteches. In my case, a file can for instance be 36kb in size and contain only a few midi notes and still not load…

Oh well, perhaps some files got corrupted in the back up process. I guess next time I should be more carefull and check before I delete the original files… It is what it is.

What is the error message you get?
Also for the sake of corruption checking, if you rename your .xrns files to .zip and open it in winzip, what message do you get if you attempt to extract them (or just check them out in winzip)?