Songs section.


I’m disapointed I see only a gabber section… It could be great to have a real H.core section.

The tracker whose put his mp3z think like me, and I think cats are not dogs =)

So please put a Industrial H.core Section !

I can see your point, but imagine the amount of diffrent styles there are…

Now imagine that many catagories!!!

we can add styles to some extent but we don’t want to see “please add this and please add this” in huge amounts. current style list is quite comprehensive.

please name exactly the name of style N3K0 and Celsius you need.


I think the best way is to rename the section Hardcore/gabber like labels do.


it obviously lacks of “Progressive rock”!

I wonder how could you forget it after all my BLABLABLA about my unique progressive rock style :drummer: B) :lol: :P


It’s sure we must do with the existent sections…

Every body will ask for his specail style of sound =p