Songs That Give You Goosebumps

You all know what I’m talking about, that song that when you hear it at its climax (whatever that climax might be for you…), sends a warm fuzzy ethereal shudder down the centre of your body and raises your arm and leg hairs on end…

I’m wondering, what is it that does it for different people? but more to the point, what tracks do it for different people?
for me its something that I still cant quite place…only recognise

anyway, in no particular order, my top 5 tracks that give me goosebumps:

bogdan raczynski - untitled 14 * (off his “boku mo wakaran” album)
datassette - cogs are good
Fatboy Slim - right here right now
Ultra-Sonic - total break up (yeah i still dig US, so sue me :P)
mach V plus one - stick em up (off an old rave compilation…never heard of them other than this track heh)

  • note, I can think of many other bogdan tunes that do it for me, but i’ll try to keep it “broad”

Yes, I know that feeling, but I more often have ‘the time capsule effect’
a song that brings you back to a certain time with certain feelings that you had in the past.

But my goosebumbs songs:

  • Nine Inch Nails - Right where it belongs
  • Plaid - Eyen
  • Dune - Million miles away from home
  • Enio Moricone - Ecstasy Of Gold
  • goo goo dolls - iris
  • Gary Jules - Mad World
  • Hot butter - Popcorn
  • All your base are belong to us (musically my own remix, but it’s the game it’s melody that makes the goosebumbs)
  • Iggy Pop - The Passenger
  • Jam X & De Leon - Can You Dig It
  • jan hammer - crocketts theme
  • Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love
  • Jens - Psycho Strings
  • Johnny Cash - Hurt
  • Krezip - I Would Stay (dutch band)
  • Luke Slater - Stars and heroes
  • Madonna - Frozen
  • Marilyn Manson - A LOT mostly from the Mechanical animal album.
  • Massive Attack - Angel, Risingson, Teardrop
  • MORCHEEBA - Wonders never cease (was behind a dutch beer commercial)
  • Nirvana - Something in the way
  • No repair - In the most sincere way
  • Oasis - Live forever
  • Orbital - the Box
  • Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry
  • The Pixies - Where is my Mind
  • Placebo - Song to say goodbye, Pure morning
  • Racoon - Feel like flying (dutch band)
  • Rammstein - Keine lust
  • skinny puppy - daddyuwarbash
  • Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm, Tonight tonight
  • System of a Down - Kill Rock ‘n’ Roll (and a lot other songs)
  • The Streets - Blinded By The Lights
  • Stiltskin - Inside
  • u96 - heaven
  • vince dicola - death of optimus prime
  • Donnie Darko sound track called - Manipulated Living
  • Van Dikhout - De stilte valt zo hard (dutch band)
  • White Town - Your woman
  • Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400

Some songs may seem weird for you to get me goosebumbs,
but it can be in the melody, a piece of lyric, you know how it works

in no particular order:
Dom & Roland - Imagination
Transwave - Cycles of Life
Planet Ben - Ant Invasion
Jesper Kyd - Winter Night
The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
Röyksopp - What else is there? (Trentemoller rmx)
The Future Sound of London - My Kingdom
Aphex Twin - Dodeccaheedron
Björk - I Go Humble
Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free
Rob Acid - Struktur der Seele
Debra Laws - Very Special
Tears for Fears - Shout
Patrick Lindsey - Alllienblaster
Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits

some of the above just do it on their own and others just do it because of the associated memories linked with the respective song.

delerium - a poem for byzantium
goldie - timeless
orbital - the box (full length version from one of the bonus discs… the harpsichord part. gives me HUGE chills every time)
bjork - joga
metallica - one
natalie merchant - ophelia [instrumental reprise] (SO emotional strings)
chicane - Saltwater [The Thrillseekers Remix]
iron & wine - upwards over the mountain

eivind aarset - lost and found
ko - wreck technique
datasette - cogs are good (net release)
kaneel - nw9 (net release?)
ola bergman - vllingby
spark - the robotic girl nextdoor
filaria - belly cotton (net release)
squarepusher - tetra-sync
hessismore - tip top dynamo (net release)
rnb - spring (vocal mix)
the konki duet - Il fait tout gris
xploding plastix - treat me mean, i need the reputation
amon tobin - four ton mantis
jaga jazzist - day
olav brekke mathisen - elektromotor
inernational pony bass - pony the funk (isolie remix)
todd terje - mjondalen diskoklubb
tomas anderson - congratulations
spacetime contunuum - microjam
kemetic just - zoned out
akufen - deck the house
orbital - doctor?
chemical brothers - influenced
moodyman - p.b.c
theo parrish - serengheti echoes
ellen allien & apparat - way out
poets of rhytm - discern / define
peace orchestra - who am i? (animatrix remix)
les rythmes digitales - soft machine
gold chains - human pony girl
kraddy - faux show (shimmy shimmy ya remix)
laurent garnier - first reaction (v2)
octet - hey bonus
rei mitsui - reködoten disuko
the avalanches - radio
vector lovers - melodies and memory (on myspace)

a small snippet of tunes i get a good feeling from.
Tried to keep it electronica in general, but there came
some house tracks also that gives me something.
i guess i have a little thing for the nice melodie part ;]

Raffi - Bananaphone

The head of state
Has called for me…
…by name.
But I don’t have time for him.

It’s gonna be
A g l o r i o u s day
I feel my luck could change.

This track got me into drum and bass period- the whole killabites mix. And Skinny puppy’s too dark park is what made me even consider producing. Both of these album are my hands down favorite albums. I get chills and shit when I listen to either.

Dune - the Dark Side of the Moon
Dune - Million Miles away from Home
Marusha - Deep
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be
The Engine Room - A perfect Lie
Keith303 - No Mellow
Skaven - 2nd Reality

the whole “man with a movie camera album” from cinematic orchestra. play that one and I am off in my corner drooling
The “Splinter Cell Soundtrack” from Amon Tobin does the same.

three alltimes :

candi staton - you got the love (the old version from 1996)
bloc party - banquet (phones edit)
kanye west - jesus walks instrumental

from my djing folder I picked these songs with a fantastic break(down) :

pique and nique - you will miss me (kid creme remix) <- woah. there is this one time after the break that the bassline gets modulated and thats nearly like an orgasm. no shit.
buscemi - jazz bumper
fenomenon - lucy said (landslide remix) <- another great one.
luke vibert - illogan
sugababes - push the button (dj prom remix) <- yep.
palermo disko machine - pump <- and thats although I can’t stand 80s sound.
kraak and smaak - real pain (gregor salto remix)
mylo - ottos journey
olav basoski - that last track

seems some of us have similar taste in music

skinny puppy use to do it for me, namely the
spasmolytic remix disk with the live version of harsh stone white denver

other than that i cant think of anything that does this anymore.

after soundmurderer there hasnt been anything that even touches me in this sense. 0=0 comes close but not so much sixteeen armed jack does it a bit tho, but his new stuff is dumbed down. hmm its like a mental block!

uhm but i do feel my third eye open now, when hearing certain musics.

I hadn’t thought of this, to differentiate between musically triggered and memory based…my brain is a knotted mess at the best of times, i just ride with it :)

Several of the more electronica-ery mentions I must agree with, though I havent heard (of) heaps of these, esp. the metal/rock/etc…

a few more from my end, since everyone else listed 5x the number I did :P :

talvin singh: jaan
lou maximizer: a good bug is a dead bug *
cybersnack: tibalien *
dimension 5: flow *
dyewitness: brrr
roni size: destination
venetian snares: herbie goes ballistic

  • off the same compilation; “mushroom trance 3”. pretty much the whole thing gives me the chills, but these three especially

These are the ones, i’ve noticed in a listening session yesterday.

Plaid - Marry
Imminent Starvation - Lost Highway 45
Secede - Say I Said So
Soundvisionz - Universe Mine
Come On, Feel the Nothing - Fat Dog [12 O’Clock]
Arovane & Phonem - Aer (Valid)

forgot to mention the one that gave me the idea to make a thread in amongst going through everything else i like trying to brainstorm…
orbital: halcyon + on + on
some of the old orbital stuff is just beautiful

Sterolab – Baby Lulu
Bjork – Venus as a Boy
Bill Bruford – Gothic 17
Gentle Giant – So Sincere
Yes – Heart of the Sunrise
Brazil '66 – Rio De Janeiro
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Antigua
King Crimson – Red
David Bowie – Space Oddity
Pink Floyd – Us and Them

and i didnt think anybody knew about Gentle Giant :)


Oooh, so many I could think of, but the main ones for me are:

Underworld - Cowgirl,
Leftfield - Song of Life
Prodigy - Wake the f**** up, I’m just a C@$t, Girls & most of Jilted G.
Orbital - Halcyon & the Box (extended version… yes yes) & Tension
Alex Reece - Feel the sunshine
Goldie - Inner city life
Baron - Effortless Chic
Plaid - Eyen
LFO - LFO Remix, Freak, & a lot of the ‘Advance’ album. Especially ‘Tied up’
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here intro
Adam F - Brand New funk & Metropolis
Misjah & Tim - Access
The Carpenters - Close to you (don’t ask why)
Bizarre Inc - Plutonic
KLF - Chill out
FSOL - Papua new Guinea, My Kindom
Legend B - Lost in Love (Sysex style mix)
David Bowie And Philip Glass - Heroes (Aphex Twin Mix)
Chemical Brothers - Hey boy/girl, Star Guitar (with the video)
Roots Manuva - Witness dub (& original)
Kirsty Hawkshaw gave me plenty at the Big Chill Festival, although I was really off it at that time. She collaborated in Phil Hartnoll’s ‘Longrange Sound project’ at the same festi’ which I remember with much more clarity, and still had the same effect!
Sure there’s plenty more I could easily add but this is my lunch break!

As for why they do it, it boils down to seeing them live and remembering, playing it out & getting a good reaction, or just the fact that it’s a seriously good tune!

Out of your list, the only one I recognized was Chemical Brothers.

Being that you also know about Gentle Giant, I’ll definitely have to check out some of the artists you have listed. Always looking for new music.

Some interesting mixes that everyone here seems to have. Pretty cool :)

Another great song: Untitled - Simple Plan

i didnt list my chilly: jazz / rock / heavy tracks at all. since it would take to mutch
time, but i will add them later on.

btw. so sincere is track 2 from
gentle giant - the power and the glory
was the first album from them i ever heard, and
it set the standard for me. good thing they are keeping
that “gentle” and progressive sound over most the albums
i’ve gotten to listen to.
what a voice right? almost like listening to another Peter Gabriel :D
that i also like alot.

gentle giant - cogs in cogs are the one i get the most chills from right now,
but i guess that the album in general is sparklig with strange majiick.