Songs That Make You Cry

Veronica Mars (Soundtrack) - Dakota <<— (from Stereophonics)
is at the moment

THE SONG!!! :dribble:

What are your songs that make you cry and you hear it in repeat mode without have a simple clue how long it is playing?

Slayer- raining blood :yeah:

nah… just kiddin

Supertramp- Fool’s overture
Placebo - Whitout you I’m nothing

and probably some more…

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine

edit: oh, and Acda & De Munnik because I want it to STOP

i don’t cry to music, my mum however cried to Kentucky Avenue by Tom…mazin song

Deftones - Cherry Waves


Doesn’t make me cry always - not unless I’m in a weird mood to begin with - but I do find that this song has a very powerful and emotional sound. It certainly pushes the right buttons!

But there are lots of tracks which have this affect on me really, they don’t even have to be “emo” or intense. Sometimes I can just be listening to some hard drum&bass, and a particular track will remind me of a time I heard it years ago at an awesome rave surrounded by my close friends… and that sense of nostalgia gets me choked up every time!

Lately, I have been playing the hell out of keith303’s track Absolutely Interstellar


This one for me also has some kind of powerful feeling to it. The right combination of magic frequencies to tickle the emotions, haha. It has some lovely builds and rushes which just make me tingle.

Music is very powerful stuff :)


Stereophonics - Dakota

Absolutely awesome … didn’t knew it, so far … thx for the hint :guitar:


I have for 2 weeks load “veronica mars” and begin to watch the serie and noticed that the soundtrack is great.
After i searched it by youtube i found dakota from stereophonics.

What an energetic song! That was my first impression. Now it is in the folder with my other alltime favorits. ^_^

Johanna Tukiainen - Lööppijulkkis

makes me cry every time

songs at least bluring my eyes …

many from Björk, because it reminds of a lot of things. But if I had to choose

Björk : All is full of love


Björk : Possibly maybe


Portishead : Roads


Alpha : Somewhere not here


yeah, I was a triphop-ish romantic-depressive teenager :D

Blue planet corporation - crystal
Astral Projection - butterfly trip & liquid sun
Toman Olman - Gianna <-

Beautiful trance tracks…

Björk also tickles my tears - Isobel contains some beautiful stringharmonies and melodies, plus Björks fragile yet powerful voice.


And strangely enough, this is just so good that it sometimes makes me very emotional, really strong refrain and bridge: Quincy Jones - Razzamatazz


nirvana - lounge act
rem - try not to breathe

and many other alt rock songs released between 91 and 97

after that i got into metal and metal don’t cry…



I tend to find a lot of traditional singing insincere, like the artist is trying so hard to sound emotional.
But both of these songs have that kinda lazy talking style which is okay.

Not cry, but this surely made me drop my jaw and tip a hat I’m not actually wearing.

Kate Bush - Under Ice.

Edit, blurry eye moments:

Kate Bush - Nocturne
Kate Bush - Breathing
Nine Inch Nails - La Mer
Nine Inch Nails - Leaving Hope
Peter Gabriel - More Than This
Peter Gabriel - Darkness
The Cure - Disintegration
My Dying Bride - The Cry of Mankind

Arvo Pärt comes really close in places.

I’m going to be really brave here and say I’ve always had a very, very soft spot vor “Enya - Boadicea”…

Mason Jenning’s “If You Ain’t Got Love” … I can almost tear up just thinking about it. ;)

This one is the worst… I always asociate it with very sad times in my life.

Whenever I hear it, it brings images in my head of me being at my girlfriend’s funeral (mind you, she’s not dead). An open coffin with a picture of her on top. Me sitting on a chair crying my ass off. Sometimes it’s the other way around. I see myself lying in the coffin and my girlfriend and family is in tears. I can’t help but to cry to this song. It doesn’t matter where I am, it always completely fuckes up my mood.

I guess I’m weird, imagening still like that :blink: