Songs That Make You Go "wow" Every Time


Igor Stravinsky - Epitaphium for flute, clarinet and harp
The most amazing minute and some 40 seconds

Ween - The Stallion Pt.3
And everything else by the best band ever.

Lykathea Aflame - On the way home and Flowering entities

Cecil Taylor - Anything

Saul Williams - Children of the night

Ephat Mujuru - Katura
The most chilled, relaxing music ever

The Residents - Krafty Cheese
If I had to choose just one song by them that’s my favorite, I guess this is it, even though everything they did around 72-82 is mindblowing.

AMM - Generative Theme III
Everything they’ve done is amazing but this is just haunting.

Krzysztof Penderecki - uhh, The dream of Jacob?
Again, difficult to choose.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - FC the Freedom Club or Babydoctor

Léo Ferré - Les anarchistes, Je te donne, Muss es sein es muss sein
Even if I don’t understand french that well, these are some of the most perfect songs ever.

Mark Lanegan - Judas Touch, The Pendulum, Skeletal History

Edgard Varése - Un grand sommeil noir

Tenhi - Salain & Varpuspäivä

The 13th Floor Elevators - Rollercoaster

Tomasz Stanko - Variation I (from Soul of things)

Jun Chiki Chikuma - the whole Faxanadu soundtrack

Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner and Once upon the sea of blissful awareness and…

Can - Paperhouse, Sing Swan Song
shit most of the stuff from Monster Movie, Tago Mago, Future Days and Ege Bamyasi

Shit, there’s just too many so I’ll just list some artists: Leonard Cohen, Philip Glass, Andrew Chalk and Mirror, Celer, Akira Yamaoka, Leadbelly, Vladislav Delay, Annie Gosfield and Deathspell Omega AND Manuel de Falla and Yasunao Tone AND…

“Tetra-Sync” by Squarepusher

yeeeh cool tune

a few for y’all…

Seamus Ennis “Were you at the Rock”

Charlie Patton “Spoonfull Of Blues”

Oval “Do While”

13th Floor Elevators - “Slip Inside This House”

The Music Machine - “Talk Talk”

Burial “You Hurt Me”

Incredible String Band - “The Half-Remarkable Question”

Props to the folks down with “Stallion Part Three”… wow god geeze that song is perfect…

These are the songs i do listen to regulary, despite their age. Pretty wild list mixed from ambient, orchestral soundtrack to IDM, breaks, techno up to speedcore. :)

3am - Obstacles Dear To My Heart

Achenar - Sojourn

Adam Skorupa - Dead City
Legal full CD download:

Alec Empire - New World Order

Architect - Grand Diesel

Beefcake - Soak (Mirror)…e/Soak+(Mirror)

Come On, Feel The Nothing - Fat Dog [12 O’Clock]

Cybernetika - Human Error

DDtMM - The Breakup

Flaque - The Clouds And The Sun…uds+and+The+Sun

Flesh-Morph - Mind Pilot…/release/787908

GFB - Bloodstorm

Helvetikone - Bender

Hilmar Örn Hilmarson - Journey…/release/189722

Ingler - Low Stacks

Kattoo - Oddly Space

Keith303 - Subtly Distant Comatose…p3&fileinfo

Kuniaki Takenaga - Phantasmagoria HOWL…tasmagoria+HOWL

Krämer & Pogadl - The Prophet…/release/207471

Marek + Kaneel - Blusher

Mark Dollin - Vulcanella Self Destruct

Phllox - Long Legged Girls…ng+Legged+Girls

Pix - To Begin Again

Sleepy Town Manufacture - O Nei

Soundvisionz - The Method

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Tonikom - Salvo Infinitum

Vaccine - Breathless

Kylie - Wow

+1 on the imagine ;)

couldn’'t find a direct version of this one:

I like this track. :)

My lastFM playlist… that was very…very hard to add since removed the widget from their playlist pages… Also the actual list is longer than what is shown…’s+Playlist&theme=black&autostart=1&radioURL=user%2Fvvoois%2Fplaylist&lang=en&widget_id=977f9cb5283927deb1125a211860a9b1"

This is a wonderful topic. I look forward to investigating what others consider to be moving music in hopes to broaden my own tastes -

These are in no particular order - I am purposely leaving out classical and opera because it would be massive.

  1. Aphex Twin - Melody from Mars- song 11 - Such a silly song. I can listen to this and never get bored of it.

  2. Aphex Twin - I care because you do - Alberto Balsalm

  3. Kraftwerk - Computer World - Computer World 2

  4. Planet Patrol - Cheap Thrills

  5. Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt

  6. Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom

  7. FSOL - Dead Cities - Antique Toy

  8. Jega - Intron

  9. Panacea - Tron

  10. The Prodigy - Wind it Up (too many songs to mention)

  11. Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy - Beep Street

  12. Al Di Meola - Land of the Midnight Sun

  13. Herb Alpert - Zorba the Greek

  14. Duran Duran - Planet Earth

  15. Enya - The Celts

  16. Housemartins - The People who Grinned themselves to Death - We’re not going back

  17. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dreams - Today

  18. Walking Heads - Wild Wild Life

  19. The Cure - Disintegration - Love Song

  20. Depeche Mode - Violator - Enjoy The Silence

  21. David Bowie - Ground Control to Major Tom

  22. Cranberries - When you’re Gone

I will have to add to this soon - I have to step out during this little compilation ;)

*Siamese Dream
*“Ground control to major tom” = Space Oddity

Updated my initial post with high quality links to whatever songs I could find on imeem. I will be creating a playlist once I find the rest of the tracks :)

Bah screw it… here’s my partial playlist:…music-playlist/

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Ok i’ll bite.

Coil - Amethyst deceivers
Coil - The sea priestess
Deusch Nepal - Logo
Sigur Ros - Gong
Vedisni - Mercurious apex-Blue psyche
Bad Brains - Banned in DC
Hocico - Espinas del mal
Ultravox - Alles klar
Tobiah - I love your music
Dirty princess - Jugar al reves
Bal parè - Metamorphose
Alden Tyrell - Obsession
Górecki - 3 olden style pieces mvt. 3
Ligeti - Lux aeterna
Arvo Pârt - Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten
UK Apache & Shy FX - Original nutta
Tim Hecker - Azure Azure
Tim Hecker - The work of art in the age of cultural overproduction
Deathprod - Treetop drive pt 3
Deathprod - Dead people’s things
David Bowie - Heroes
David Bowie - A small plot of land
David Bowie - Ashes to ashes
Chaos AD - Mind war electro
Motorpsycho - The wheel
Motorpsycho - Vortex surfer
Murcof - Reflejo
Murcof - Cosmos
Lucisferrato - Infants with deathgrant
Immortal - One by one
Darkthrone - Natassja in eternal sleep
Darkthrone - These shores are damned
The Isley Bros. - Footsteps in the dark
Goldie - Timeless
Depeche Mode - Waiting for the night
Depeche Mode - Behind the wheel (not the piece of shit shep pettybone remix)
Depeche Mode - One caress
Clark - Autumnal crash

Nowhere near a complete list of tracks i think are absolute 100% must listens. But it’s a start.

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Ooh I have to add one more.

Nick Cave - The Mercy Seat.
Chilling, every time.

Here’s a live version