The Breakup

About this Song
Its pretty hard and pretty fast and it’ll get you dancing crazy people dances. I don’t know what that sentence meant, but I liked this song so much I created a new renoise account and even a little website for it (I’ll put my old crappy songs up there eventually [I have a bunch]). Just want you to know I made the song especially for you (Yes You!).

The voice samples are of Timothy Leary who is always a good source for material. VSTs used were Triangle II, Mad Shifta, Oh My God, Waterfall, Voxengo Old Skool Verb. All of those are free. I got the yelling sample from The Open Sound Project, unfortunately I didn’t bother to remember who’s it was so I can’t credit it. Everything else was just various samples I collected over the years.

The link

… any feedback is good feedback as long as its constructive (or unadulterated praise).

(I overused parenthesis in this post)

Hey, cool track you’ve produced, very unique sounding. I think you’ve used to much reverb, even on that bad ass basses, which makes the song sound hollow. It’s also very bright in places which hurts a bit when listening loud through headphones. Keep them coming! :)

Thanks for the feedback Beatslaughter. Unfortunately I agree with both of your criticisms. I say unfortunately because I could not fix either them (well the verb a little). For the painful soundingness, I tried applying an EQ to the Master Track, but even subtle changes made it sound somehow worse, like I was missing something. I did turn down the verb on the drums a bit, because that bothered me as well, but when I made adjustments again I had that feeling that something was gone when I turned it down. It still is a bit less and I am happier for it, so your feedback wasn’t completely wasted. I’ve also changed the ending a little, and I happier for that as well.

I think I’m going to call this track done and move on. I’ve heard it too many times so that any change is wrong because the current sound is ingrained in my brain. I really stink a turd when it comes to mastering my songs, and this one still sounds far better than previous songs, so I’ll take it. I think there are many good reasons why god made audio engineers.

Thank You

Any chance, to listen more of your stuff?

besides the somewhat improvable mixing/mastering this is a very nice trip. i like the suspense and spookyness which lies over this piece, pretty psychedelic as well.