Songs That Use The Same Samples!

Hi there!
The last few years I noticed some samples were used in diffrent songs but since I dont write them down I keep forgetting them.

Here are two I noticed last week again:

Chemical Brothers - It Doesn’t Matter

Aphex Twin - PWSteal.Ldpinch.D

This one is really obvious since both songs just start with exactly the same drumloop but there are also a lot of songs out there that use samples way more subtle. I can’t remember any other songs right now (exept for obvious ones like ‘love buz’ from the prodigy that did some sort of ‘cover’ from nirvana)

Do you know any of these kind of songs? post em here!

I’ve got one, the Amen Break-sample. I challenge you to search all the songs that use it! Haha. :D

hey, love buzz is originally from shocking blue! i love nirvana’s cover very much also. prodigy’s rework is not bad, but for some reason it didn’t work for me at such high levels as tracks mentioned above :)

Haha, yeah… thats not very hard. :lol:

Holy shit, epic fail from my side!!

All dance music nowadays consists out of the same VEC samples :rolleyes:

Not really the same sample, more the same “lyrics”. :P
Kid606 got really inspired by this old (96) hardcore track by The Masochist.

See, or better, hear for yourself:

The Masochist - OD:


Kid606 - Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare:



Hehe classic, I know another song uses that sample ‘he died of an overdose’, don’t know wich song atm…

Something of Vsnares maybe?

That Masochist track is bloody awful if you ask me, haha.

The Kid606 track is clearly a parody of this classic - “Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare” by 4 Hero:


Omg, this “sample” has a history. It’s actually out of a track from 1971 by Think called Once You Understand.

Check around 3:16.


Kid606 clearly got more inspired by the 4 Hero track indeed. :P

The funny thing is, a classmate played that Masoschist track this day in class. We find it fun to listen to these “old” and rather bad hardcore/gabba. Don’t ask. xD

I’ve been racking my small brains for sample use , and the best i could come up with was a vnares tune around the doll doll doll eara using the same sample/synth as Bomfunk MC’s - Freestyler .

Its sorta of like a high pitched crow cumming at the same time it’s laying an egg .

edit : it can be only found in the full lenth version not the shortened vid on youtube with the kid sporting ash from pokemon hair.

Also i found this prodigy vid showing which samps he ripped for smack my bitch up .

I’m too pissed to embed it it but my brain seems to be able to cut and paste

who says brain kill beers cels ssss

Portishead - Glory Box:

Tricky - Hell is Round the Corner:

Yeah, I noticed that too ! I don’t know all the sounds in drum-boxes like the Roland TR 606, 707, 808 or 909, but I wonder if these two breaks are more synthetised and sequenced exactly in the same way than just sampled ?

Hmm, I don’t know man. I’m not really familiar with the real deal if it comes to analogue stuff…

I think I found something new tho’ (for me)

I was watching

and if you listen closely at 0:54 and then pause imidiatly and play ‘Szamar Madar’ from vsnares

…what you do think? :P

Drat, you beat me to it! :P

I often thought if there was a piano version of the Amen it was this:…ated&fmt=18

… and on …

… and on …

Anyways, what an uplifiting riff!

The first one and the last one are the same track dude… and I’m pretty sure the second one is a mix that just contains the first track

What can I say… it’s the Amen of piano samples. I guess nobody sampled it enough to be an official genre of music. =)

I’m not going to bother searching out tunes with that sample, but there are certainly plenty. Sometimes under the same name… not always though.

BTW, the happy hardcore track is not in the mix. Ravers Choice Vol 1… they had a couple of them.


The original : dr john - big chief

The sample re-used: lilly allen :

Yeah, good songs the original and the Nirvana cover too. But not a sampler…
A captain beefheart song is sampled in one of Luke vibert: