Songwriting In Renoise With The Help Of Rpg

Now that I am fine with the “workflow” of producing patterns with RPG for Renoise there comes my usual problem I have had with most music programs so far: how can I reproduce (or find a comparable way) my “traditional” way of songwriting (that means for me construct a song with verses, choruses, bridges etc., each with its own chordprogression) in the music software (Renoise in this case) ?

My first attempt was to implement the chord-changes directly in RPG and then make a pattern for each chord and arrange them in the new matrix editor in Renoise 2.5. Then export the midi (now works with new complete new xrns-sf-1.08, thanks to the great guy Connor) and arrange the final songparts in any possible sequencer (for that part Renoise and the whole tracker-thing is too far away from me).

It is a possibility but a lot of work and not very comfortable. Another usual idea to make evrything in RPG just in one chord and then transpose the midi data of the tracks/patterns. I have not tried this out in detail but I was not so happy with first experiences in this way (sound of samples/instruments often is not that good when you transpose evryhting). Anyone has some better ideas or suggestions ? Maybe my thinking is jus to old fashioned but its hard to change ways that are burned over the years with just a guitar and a piece of paper…


Hi, you are talking about the Renoise Phrase Generator?

If so, you should repost your question in this thread, I believe the author of RPG (Icarus) watches it for any activity and will be more inclined to answer you in that specific thread.

Me, I like this tool for automatic ideas.