Sonic Imagin Vst


I am looking for a VST or plug-in where I can look at the sonic image on my work on a timeline in realtime. I saw it in FL9 on my friends system. Maybe sonic imaging isn’t the right term. But if you’ve ever watched the song Look by Vsnares you’d know what I am talking about. I know there is a program called Pictosounder that allows you to see your music and listen to your pictures. However, I would like the ability to do this in real time.

Any options out there. More than likely in the mastering realm.

You are looking for a spectral analyzer :)


Spectral analyzer!

That was the tearm. Thanks.

I should repost this with the correct title.

Is there a spectral analyzer that works well with renoise?

I don’t know any spectral analyzer plugins tbh but if you google ‘spectral analyzer’ you’ll get tens of hits with free downloads.

There’s s(M)exoscope

OoOo neato.
I dunno if a waveform viewer is really what I want because Renois’ stock work really well. I’m looking for something where I see all the mud and fluff in my mix.

I’m realy diggin that OnePingOnly instrument though.