Sonic Sense

Just found this genious company, they record speakers, headphones and other gear in order to let people compare these *somehow. I’ve already noticed some sound things that I would have regret, gonna listen through the whole list…

oh and I want Event Opal :lol:

This somehow reminds me of the guy who wanted to fix a possible integer overflow in PHP by checking the result against -2147483648 and 2147483647 :slight_smile:

php uses integers? not doubles?.. did that guy succeed? x)
you mean by that, it’s wrong to use equipment that colors sound to measure other equipment?
quite a few people record their speakers for measuring, nothing wrong about it?..

i found the b3031a to sound pretty much as i remember them, and except the kh 120 a all 5" models resonate a lot
the guys warn people that you’ll hear their mics and their room, as long as they don’t change the mics/positions/room, i don’t care, there’s a lot to hear

How can you hear a loudspeaker while listening to another one?

yeah, good question, you probably can’t. on their site you’ll actually hear the whole ‘signal chain’ speakers->room->positions->mics->mp3->headphones(in my case)

and they might have changed things between recordings. i guess they did not, would be kinda unfair.

all you actually can do there is compare the tracks and draw some conclusions

It might be interesting to look at the frequency responses on a graph. In turn, we’d need the response of the Mics used to record the Monitors for this to be of any value. And then of course the SoundCloud codec etc. And what about their room?

Nice idea but, as already said here, it’s much like trying to evaluate a pair of glasses while already wearing a pair.

Your speakers,your listening environment, their microphone, their environment…

With so many factors standing between the actual sound of the monitor and what you hear, I would steer WELL CLEAR of using this web page as a tool to make decisions about what monitors to buy/how a monitor sounds.

Just as an illustration. Lets say that you find a particular speaker(s) on that page a bit over-bright. What if the room they are recorded in is a bit over-bright? Well in that case, maybe the speakers you found to be a bit gutless, a bit too harsh up-top are in fact a much better balanced monitor.
Then even evaluating without the use of speakers on your own end, the graph you see will be wrongly coloured by the room the monitor was recorded in.
It is, at best, naive and at worst downright dangerous.