Sonoloop - Promo Set September 2009…-september-2009

This set was arranged with loops I made in Renoise using only samples from my analog hardware and Renoise’s native DSP’s for processing.

Enjoy! :D

nice and hypnotic! great for coding here at work! :>

Sounds good :) Any way to download this?

Thanks for listening guys! :)

Now there is:…r-2009/download :walkman:

and slowly my awesome sonoloop collection grows! :]

i still find it funny that we are from the same city and i have no idea who you are. i mean its not like arnhem is a huge city… hahah. do you ever do gigs in arnhem?

Haha! :D
I’ve had a gig in Club Purple 3 weeks ago. I actually did 2 performances, a B2B2B dj set as Ohrwert with Rivo and Mius and a Sonoloop set.

very enjoyable, i like it!

Thanks! :)

waaaaa, i love it :drummer:

very intense boom boom boom :w00t:

Haha, thanks mate, that’s probably the best explanation! :P