Sononym 1.1.1 (September 10th, 2019)

Sononym got an up date, Renoise got an update, Redux got an update, ERBODY got an update! This has been a good week.

Update Highlights:


Just did some exploring. Sononym feels much snappier with this update. Not that it was slow before, but Similarity Search is running noticeably faster on my machine. Even rebuilding Libraries feels smoother. (I have many large libraries)

Digging the theme expanding to the Title-bar. Not something that was particularly noticeable before, but seeing it all match the theme in Sononym is quite nice.

All in all, fantastic update. Seems to be mostly little things (not that they were necessarily little, code-wise) that add up to a great release.


Very cool! Top notch software, thanks!

Still crashing (Debian 9) :frowning:

@danoise: It seems that if sononym is running for a while without touching it it is more stable. Don’t know if that makes sense at all.

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I just want to chime in and say thanks for the “mini-review” and also, to point out that the update got an update:

@lilith no, that doesn’t make sense - at least not from a “I want to use the software” point of view. Wish I could say that the new release would fix things, but I’m pretty sure the problem remains…


New update works great here on windows. Everything fine :slight_smile:

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I honestly hadn’t even noticed most of the minor “bugs” that this point release fixes. Having used it for a little while now, it is just as solid as the 1.1.0 release. I am constantly discovering and rediscovering my libraries (many many many samples large). Samples I may have never noticed are conveniently brought to my attention using the Similarity Search and the various ways of filtering Similarity Search prove to be invaluable on a regular basis.

Sononym continues to be everything I had wanted and more in a sample library manager/explorer. The proposed roadmap is exciting. Looking forward to following this excellent software.

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I installed Debian 10 yesterday and its still crashing. Will later reply @ trello.

Hi, I’m using Sononym (latest version) on a fast Win7 64-bit machine, and all my 130k+ samples are now indexed, but it feels a little slow, still. For example when refreshing/looking for changes, or doing a similarity search.

And - I see that the Sononym database is approx 1,4Gb… beacause I chose my ONE main sample folder as location.

Would it be better/faster if I choose for example 8 subfolders/locations instead of
the one big-ass location, and re-index eveeything so there will be 8 databases instead?


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Yes. In my experience, that would make a huge difference.

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Ok, thanks I’ll give it a shot! I wanted to ask first, because indexing everything took over 3 hours, so want to avoid doing that all over again as much as I can :stuck_out_tongue: