Sononym - Sample Browser

(Djeroek) #197

4 star review from Music Radar FYI:

These guys know whats up!

Does this Tool supports Renoise instruments, Kontakt libraries and fxp patches (from vsti´s)? or is it only for Samples? Otherwise its useless today.

This guy clearly doesn’t.

(toimp) #198

XRNI should be possible, atleast the samples inside this archive :slight_smile: Something which could be pretty powerful. Indexing sound files inside Renoise songs and instruments.

(danoise) #199

It’s 2028 and people still use samples :lol:

From the Sononym FAQ:

Q: Does Sononym support REX, WavPack, [insert name of format]?
We are planning to increase the number of supported formats - especially open-source onesbut also proprietary instrument/sampler formats, when possible.

Which is a cautious way of saying: yes, based on the feedback we receive. XRNI of course belongs on that shortlist :slight_smile:

(toimp) #200

I found out that Renoise and Sononym have ogg support. But only if the file extension is *.ogg. I tried to open some FLStudio sound files in both and it doesn’t work, because the file extension is wav. When i rename them to xxx.ogg it works. Would it be possible to add support for ogg encoded wav files?

(toimp) #201

Sononym needs an option to hide not loadable sound files:

It seems is not possible to get the vorbis.acm working in 64bit environment in Windows 10, so alot FL samples cant be indexed correctly.

(lilith) #202

Is it possible to drag and drop files directly from SONONYM to RENOISE in Linux? I tried, but it’s not working.

(Meef Chaloin) #203

Doesn’t work for me either. Weirdly it does work with reaper.

(lilith) #204

Hm… :frowning:

I won Redux or Sononym and Redux has other problems with receiving keystrokes …


Also mention the ‘preview’ sononym integrator -> New Tool (3.1) Sononym Integration (PREVIEW)

(lilith) #206

I tried it, but it doesn’t work.


Maybe you can explain lilith what doesn’t work for you, I’m sure danoise might be interested? (Maybe be better in that other thread.)

(Meef Chaloin) #208

I can’t get that to work either, it doesn’t recognise the configuration folder (I assume I’m choosing the correct one, ~/.config/Sononym).

(lilith) #209

Same here: I replied in the other thread.

(ffx) #210

Sononym is so great that I actually started to google for “sononym” instead “synonym” :joy:

(tL One) #211

Hey there.

When using Sononym on Windows it shuts down Audio from the DAW.
(When Audio service is started by Sononym, the DAW shuts down its audio server.
When I start Sononym first and then the DAW it’s the other way around. The DAW will shutdown
Sononyms Audioserver.)

Anybody knows why this happens? This is in Windows 10 only. (<-- Parallels installation with ASIO4All
on a Mac). On OSX no problems. But I need to use windows right now for several reasons.

I am not used to windows, so I do not know what’s going on.

Anyone any idea?


(danoise) #212

Hey tL, I missed out on your post.

Anybody knows why this happens?

Could you share anything about the sound card or driver that you’ve picked?
I mean, it sounds like the driver needs exclusive access - this is often the case with ASIO, but of course it might be something else.

(tL One) #213

Hey there. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s an ASIO4All installation with (FL Studio) ASIO Driver selected,
as this is the only one that really works well.

Normal ASIO gives clicks&crackles.
and my MOTU PCI Audio Driver isn’t supported anymore under Win10.

(Jesse Schilling) #214

In FL Studio’s Audio settings, under the drop down where you chose ASIO4ALL, there is a checkbox labeled something along the lines of auto-mute or auto-switch… something like that. Is that check box marked? Selecting or de-selecting that should allow Sononym to steal the audio server while you are running FL. Basically, if you minimize FL (or if playback is paused I think) it will let other software use the sound server.

(ffx) #215

Here another feature request: Being able to replay samples at different sample rate, for example having a caps-lock piano-keyboard to play the sample, with a display of the sample rate at key.

(ffx) #216

And another one: context menu terminal commands shortcuts and editor or config file, including an option to rescan/update the current dir after execution. Example usage: Using sox to convert a sample to another samplerate (e.g. 44.1->48kHz) with extreme quality. Or deleting a sample :rofl:

Of course support for multiple selection at once.