Sononym - Sample Browser

(kytdkut) #221

what font are you guys using in Sononym? if you don’t mind me asking :nerd_face:

(lilith) #222

The standard. I didn’t know it can be changed.

(kytdkut) #223

oh, I meant the devs, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

I want to know what one are they using to see if it fits my linux setup :sweat_smile:

(ffx) #224

Any news about new version? :w00t: I love this tool.

(lilith) #225


(danoise) #226

We are using Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro, part of a free font family created by Adobe:

The font is of course embedded into the application so you don’t need it to be installed.
It’s also possible to use the system font (whatever Chromium registers as “sans-serif”) from the preferences - we added this option as one of our testers was running an OS without anti-aliasing - which caused the Source Sans to look like crap.

(kytdkut) #227

Thanks, gorgeous font. Was using Noto Sans (Google) but this one caught my eye the minute I opened Sononym. Guess it was in part the hype :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It was in my distro’s repo :muscle: