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what font are you guys using in Sononym? if you don’t mind me asking :nerd_face:

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The standard. I didn’t know it can be changed.

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oh, I meant the devs, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

I want to know what one are they using to see if it fits my linux setup :sweat_smile:

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Any news about new version? :w00t: I love this tool.

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We are using Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro, part of a free font family created by Adobe:

The font is of course embedded into the application so you don’t need it to be installed.
It’s also possible to use the system font (whatever Chromium registers as “sans-serif”) from the preferences - we added this option as one of our testers was running an OS without anti-aliasing - which caused the Source Sans to look like crap.


Thanks, gorgeous font. Was using Noto Sans (Google) but this one caught my eye the minute I opened Sononym. Guess it was in part the hype :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It was in my distro’s repo :muscle:

Is it planned for the next update, that Loop / One shot restriction to be removed for the sound type detection? I miss alot of atmo and pads / textures, because sononym detect them as loops. So i cant filter them with these specific sound categories.

Hi @toimp

Good point, and one we’ve decided to deal with a little differently - the next version of Sononym will have ability to freely assign/override classes and categories. This allows you to correct any mistakes that the neural network makes.

A bit more background information:
Currently, the software classifies any sample as being one of the following

  • Loop
  • Loop+Oneshot
  • Oneshot
  • Oneshot+Loop

So you can have a sample which is primarily a oneshot and secondarily a loop, or vice versa.
Only if the sample is determined to be a “pure” loop (not one-shotty at all) will Sononym skip the categorization process - and I guess this is the restriction that you’d like to see removed?
But there’s a reason we didn’t want this: we are planning to deal “properly” with loops through segmentation (the process of extracting/matching oneshots from loops by looking at transients/onsets).
Also, loops are usually complex/layered sounds, and in such cases a single label would be an oversimplification.

PS: You talked about beta testing. This would be an opportunity to share files that you think shouldn’t have been classified as loops. If you’re still interested, send me a PM :smiley:


There are atmospheres in my soundlib, which are loops, too. So i think, these need to be classified as one shots, to get them listed in textures and so on, right? I’ve send you a PM.

Thanks for the PM. Will check out the samples ASAP

the next version of Sononym will have ability to freely assign/override classes and categories.

Regarding this: we are opening up our development roadmap. This will allow everyone to take a look over our shoulder, see what we’re working on, what features are being planned, and - not least - a place to offer feedback.

The link will be broadcast over twitter etc. soon, but you saw it here first:


Oh cool new online service, I guess only Berliners only know about all those newly grown pages.

Can I add then “allow to run custom scripts on entry selection”, or is it already planned or rejected by you as feature?

Edit: Now I see you already added “remove folders and files”, yay (had to scroll to the right :blink:).

I still am mentioning “custom script for selection (+ folder refresh)”, for example for these purposes:

  • Encode to FLAC / ALAC and then delete original WAV
  • Upload somewhere
  • Do whatever you would like to do

With that move I’m sure this ‘community’ would be interested in seeing a similar thing for the tracker program called Renoise :slight_smile:


What an excellent idea!

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I’m sure this ‘community’ would be interested in seeing a similar thing

Ah yes, but … Sononym is really a different, younger project. It’s easier to take a MVP and turn it into what people want than something like Renoise, with it’s long tracker heritage and wishlist spanning a decade and a half.


Sorry to nag here so much - how do I actually add a comment/request at the Trello page? I seem to be too dumb to find that functionality.

It looks like its still read only. You just need a trello account as far as i know.

@ffx: board was indeed still “read only” when I first shared the link here.
Sry about the confusion!!


The bug report trello is currently readonly, too. :slight_smile:

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I got Sononym crashing a few times today on Debian / XFCE.
These are the last lines I see in the terminal:

Sononym AudioServer LOG> AudioPlayer: Starting playback (offset: 0)...
info: [RENDERER] Auto-saved model: '/home/marco/.config/Sononym/query.json'
Failed to get crash dump id.
Report Id: {"response":"ok","_rxid":"5d000000-9
Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.