Sononym sample manager

Just for info. 50% off.


Oh awesome; thanks! Bought it, pretty excited to check this out.

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, as Altern8 said.

Make sure you demo it first, every time I have tried it, it just crashes while trying to initialise the audio server, does not like Dell laptops.

never had similar issues, but , i did not use Dell laptop at all… :slight_smile:

Yeah thats why I said try it first, I know people are using it happily.

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Yeah sadly 1.2 keep on crashing time to time. But when it works it is great great great tool

If you happen to be running running Jack Audio, we’re probably dealing with a known issue (link contains a rather brute force workaround: get rid of Jack).

martblek: thanks!! I wanted to post here, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

No its just Win 10, I will see if 1.3 is any different.

danoise: any update for Sononymph ?

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Installed and Indexed the folder, around thirty-thousand samples, fast, no issues encountered.

Really enjoy the new ways to explore these sounds! The columns and categories provide
a whole new way to dive into and explore the instruments folder.


Thanks for Sononym!