please drop your off topic impressions about this :rolleyes:

This is great news! :D
Maybe time to move some of the threads in the general forum into this one ;) :)

didn’t you notice I’ve already done this? :huh:

please don’t be in-topic, anyway :)

ok, woops sorry. didn’t notice that :unsure: :rolleyes: :D

:D haha

ah, this is good. space for “iraq”, “AMD vs Intel”, “my program is bigger than yours” and “I hate holidays” threads. coool.

Yey! Finally up again!

Who hates holidays anyway? :o


I think this is off topic enough…

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I did hate christmas very much, I was sitting alone at home drinking beer and playing through GTA-Vice City, because everyone I know had left town and I was all alone … but I survived it (and I finally had time to play games for straight 18 hours on three days :D )

I’ve spent the last 4 Christmas alone… I really hate the so called “Xmas spirit”… only commercial fake… :angry:

Actually, during last Xmas, my sister, who lives alone in another city, went to my home and we played for hours with Frogger, the 80’s game with which we spent most of rainy winter days when we were kids.

Oh man… my sister can be very vulgar when playing videogames :D