Sopa - New Anti Piracy Bill

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Reddit has said now it is going to have a protest blackout over this and wiki may join them:


How dare the gov’t try to prevent me from stealing

I say we ban roads. People perform criminal acts on roads, therefore roads are bad. Ban the roads.

Roads do have speed limits, and some times speed bumps if people drive too quickly. Also traffic lights as well…

I haven’t read SOPA in its entirety, but I’m pretty sure banning the internet is not part of it.

Banning entire sites because it may contain pirated material for example is. Like renoise forums. People often link to youtube videos of copyrighted material here. Or post songs that sample from other songs.

Yes most of the arguments voicing concerns for this bill that I have come across, are not regarding the rights and wrongs of stealing or that no measures should ever be taken by governments to prevent stealing. Moreso that SOPA and PIPA are poorly conceived laws as tools to do this. i.e. you get a lot of negative consequences from the potential they have to be used politically or by business. Technical concerns over internet security have been raised aswell.

Seems the whitehouse has spoken out in response now, criticising some of these potential pitfalls:


Well, the bill was written to target foreign websites hosting copyrighted material. Youtube is a domestic website, so it already has to deal with DMCA requests by law (that’s why there is very little coyrighted material on youtube).

I think websites should be held responsible for the content on it. Hell, people would complain all the time that the RIAA targeted individuals rather than the websites, and now they are complaining the opposite…

This bill would definitely help renoise much more than hurt it. For example, google has all sorts of links to websites that have copies of renoise free for download. They get to advertise on those websites and profit.
So, google makes money from the pirating of renoise. Who do you think needs the money more, google or the people that actually did all the work??

And who will invest time and money to find all those sites with renoise copies? The renoise team! On top of that, renoise is produced in germany, no idea how an american law helps there. I also wonder if that actually generates more revenue. Proper business models kill piracy, not some half baked or totally exaggerated law. If people download renoise somewhere, cracked or not, and seriously want to make music with is, I think, with the current price tag, they will totally buy it.

Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details.

Otherwise known as “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.”

Draconian laws. I thought america had a constitution because some old geezers saw this shit coming 200 years ago?

No, the point of the bill is that the government now enforces the law that already exists.
I used renoise as an example, they may or may not have a US copyright.

I think your view of people is a little optimistic and naive. People do what is in their interest. Paying for software when you don’t need to doesn’t make any sense, unless you really think most people give a shit about anyone but themselves.

It sounds like, after reading through that awfully written article, that a rap blog posted copyright material and got shutdown for year because they provided no defense.
That isn’t “censorship”, it’s a simple enforcement of copyright laws.

People who generate content are not the greedy ones. It’s google and facebook that are getting money, and since they practically control the internet, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of people are opposing SOPA and PIPA

Yes, blame your reading skills on the content. Let me just highlight the parts you claim aren’t there. PS: Just because we’re holding hands doesn’t mean we’re gay, OK? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Filing: In law, filing is the act of submitting a document to the clerk of a court for the court’s immediate consideration and for storage in the court’s files.

Lawyer: a person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor.

Bridges: A lawyer. E.g. “the defense”

Followed by several paragraphs of the government ignoring basic constitutional rights, back and forth between the lawyer, a year passes…

Good times.

I don’t remember any Facebook or Google when I first got on the Internet in 1993, e.g. a bunch of computers communicating over a bunch of wires/satellites put in the ground/sky by telecom and broadcast industries, e.g. the people who are lobbying for SOPA in 2012.

It very much is a “roads” problem. The historical reason for laying down all this “internet” infrastructure, before it was “the internet”, was for broadcast. Broadcast is a scheduled event. Broadcast is the same content to large groups simultaneously. Broadcast is royalties negotiated with small groups of distributors and easy collection of said royalties. This allowed to for “prime time” and other cultural concepts that are now being eroded by peer to peer, start and pause anything at any time, immediate duplication and redistribution from thousands of unsanctioned sources…

In any case the problem isn’t piracy, which is certainly a problem worth discussing. The concern is that these laws, as is, would literally let the US government use censorship techniques “similar to those used by China, Malaysia and Iran.”

Finally, I live in Canada. (we’re enemy #1 on the US pirate list since 2007?) I don’t really care. If america wants to destroy their internet, a billion dollar industry that pretty much started there, in favour of their movies and television, another billion dollar industry that pretty much started there, then by all means! Don’t let the foreigners stop you.

PS: This unsanctioned repost deprives the washingtonpost of precious ad dollars and violates the copyright on this image. Seriously. It’s true.

Shut down! (but only in america, as the rest of the world will use some other DNS server without fear of penalty)

This will be so cute:

A. Spot a website you don’t like.
B. Set up an anonymous user account at that site.
C. Post some copyrighted material you don’t own.
D. Block entire website from public.

If you can’t do B. because there are no user accounts available:
B1. Go to webspace provider and access/manipulate website data.

Welcome to 28 years after 1984.

If you don’t think google and facebook control the internet, you are seriously ignorant. Telecom and broadcast services are not responsible for what people view on the internet. The largest search engine and social network ARE. There is a reason why Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of facebook, is #9 in TIMES most powerful people.

It’s ironic that you think SOPA and PIPA will end the internet, considering you posted an article which is about the pro-ip act, passed in 2007. The US gov’t already has the power to seize domains. Also see Grokster v. MGM in 2005.
Both were hailed as being “the end of all human knowledge” and other hyperbolic statements, much like these current bills.
Yes, they would “let” the gov’t use censorship techniques, if they completely ignore the first amendment. Sure, a police officer can go on a killing spree with his service pistol. But they tend to not do that, because contrary to what people think, everything associated with the gov’t is not evil.

Obviously entertainment companies are investing the most money into SOPA and PIPA since they are the ones losing the most money over it.
You are not making a point.

I gotta underline that on the Renoise boards, you are talking to mostly people with free national healthcare systems and who pay about half their salaries in taxes. I would say most people in this thread, so far, have got no problem with governments.

I think what started as an obvious troll has deteriorated into whatever this is now.

Copyright laws are a sovereign affair. There are big differences between countries. Best of luck with your law projects.

You seem to have a problem with our government though.
I’m sorry your troll attempt didn’t work out.

Good job on the sovereign affair bit. Nailed it, I must say.

If you are going to be an asshole, make sure you know what you’re talking about first.
None of that article is cited using valid sources, it is 100% hearsay. As it says, under US law, the property owner has 35 days to file a claim. If the website has an issue with the way the ICE conducted itself, they can pursue it further via the freedom of information act.