Sopa - New Anti Piracy Bill

Just saw these links on KVR, I guess a lot of people on here will already know about this but it was news to me:…=1&feature=plcp

Any more vids or articles worth looking at appreciated.

This is why…

Thanks Suva, was definitely worth a watch!

Liked the analogy about shutting down the bank over a single safety deposit box!

Will take a look at this when I`ve got a bit more time to hand, thanks.

I don’t have the sources offhand, but I read that netxperts say that even though the US government could try to block sites, there will always be an easy way around it, possibly by using third-party browser plugins. Other countries block sites and the people always find a way through without much effort at all. One of the articles even said it’s next to impossible to completely block sites as there are programmers ready to go around their method of blocking.

A mind game: It’s the (not so?) distant future. Diverting blocks is now illegal. I can do it but feel weird about it. I can get prosecuted. … ???

it’s illegal but can they really catch you? especially if the diverter programs are stealth?

Not directly related (or is it?) but here’s a video about governments trying to block to Tor software/technology.

I would guess it would stop most casual browsers though? And at least have the possibilty to cause trouble for smaller businesses etc.

For hypothetical example, a user on the renoise forum posts links/ embeds a video with copyrighted material. Complaint is lodged by copyright holder. is temporarily blacklisted and is not accessable unless you have special browsing software installed. New potential customers look elsewhere. Costs devs time and money to get site back up again.??

Yes it seems the trouble being that you might be after legitimate uncopyrighted material in this circumstance. i.e to get back onto youtube etc. to retrieve your own videos/ help other people do the same.

On my to watch list!

I don’t care if they catch me or not. Using internet in any way other than defined by some commercial authority is now illegal. That’s just too fucked up.

On my to watch list as well at the moment but somebody I trust recommended it me and thought it looked relevant to this :)

SOPA related question at 1 hour 23 min.

Very cool. (Is it just me, or did they use a fair bit of Echoes samples near the end? EDIT: everywhere?)
Anyway, hope this SOPA/PIPA shit can be stopped.

Nice Vid!


If this site is anything to go by, there is more visual support for this legislation than oposition, still with a lot of unknowns however:

Is SOPA (also known as the H.R. 3261) essentially Google vs Viacom ? I don’t know who the other big dogs are…

From what I understand, a good portion of the money trail is coming from Viacom, is this true ? or am I mistaken…

This would only work if they would also support anonymous site hosting, the latter is unfortunately not the case.
But i can understand a lot of governments attempting to stop Tor, i could even suspect Western Governments would love to kill Tor.
On one hand you provide life-saving opportunity for people to speak up, but there is also the dark side where loads of criminals could misuse this service as well (Which may as well be about lives as well, but then as a price).

You do know it’s initial use was by Western military yeah? US Navy being its original backer.

Two names from that link, supporters of SOPA, were aparently involved in the Section 115 Reform Act of 2006.

I came across the term “Section 115” from at 20:25.

Article on “Blanket Licensing”:

Panel discussion on “Blanket Licensing”: (“recorded live in Washington, DC at Georgetown University on October 3, 2011 during Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit 2011.”)

Edit: added link: List of intellectual property legislation proposed in the United States Congress