Sound Bank In Ogg Format

Hello everybody,

i’m french user of renoise and linux and i’ve a little question.

i’ve a big soundbank (over 40Gb) and i search to make simple search to find sound i want.
For moment i’ve make some directory for different type of sound (bass, synth, loop, …) but a want to make better classification.

For this and want to tag all sound but it’s not possible in wav format.

Do you think a can convert in ogg format. Did i loose quality ?
In ogg i can use tag and then create a php script to get metadata

You may want to try FLAC instead.

It’s a lossless format (OGG is not), it supports the same tags OGG does, and it’s supported in Renoise.

Yes, you will loose quality if you convert your files to OGG. OGG is an export format. Like MP3, or JPEG.

As suggested above, try FLAC? It’s supported by this PHP script. (but so is WAV? so maybe you can just use your files as is?)

is it possible to add tag in a wav file ?